Thursday, August 5, 2010


I thought we would never get rain 3/10 of inch better than nothing.
I keep my big white dog in all night She is out this morning. Hope the sun doesn't come out for awhile and give the plants time to breath.

I will do work shops for anyone who would like to paint on a gourd and I have 2 ladies coming to the shop tomorrow to do just that. Always a fun time for them and me.

Our fair is about over just a few more day, this time I am glad to see it end. The heat has keep people from coming to see the events and eating in the food tents. Kiddie day was yesterday and I wasn't there but I am sure the attendance was down. Sometimes the carnival will run another time for the children if it rains so maybe with the heat it will work the same.

Our county has used the Poor Jacks owned by the Bohlander family for many years. They reside in Indiana can't beat them really great people.
Until tomorrow stay safe

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  1. We had well over an inch! Good Grief! I wish we could share with you! Looks like we might just finally get that three-day window to make hay, and wouldn't you know, we will be with family on a mini vacation! UGH!