Friday, August 13, 2010

Kevin Gregory Weatherman

Tonight I was watching Kevin in his 7:00 O'clock weather report. And if he is correct we could have rain by morning.

I am going to the State Fair tomorrow early, but I hope it rains at the farm and not the fairgrounds

Tomorrow is the Livestock Sales where the 4-H'ers sell their Champion animals. What a thrill it must be to have a champion animal and reward all your hard work with a monetary value.

Tomorrow night I will meet my Jim for a date to see Keith Urban. Should be a nice concert. This is probably the only one I will take in this year. Not much for real loud music. Enjoy the company of others who spend allot of time at the fair even to see the barn boys and girls.


  1. Looks like Kevin was right about the rain, but it doesn't look like a duck drowneder, so it should be just enough to cool things off a bit! Have fun at the concert. I'm taking my date to my 30th high school reunion tonight. Wooo! ;-) I think he would rather go on your date ;-)

  2. Hope you guys got some in Morgan Country - our part of Johnson maybe saw 2 drops! Have fun at the concert!