Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Flowers

 I have to admit that spring is here.  I love seeing all the flowers blooming and when I filled the bird feeders it was intoxicating this magnolia is just full of flowers.  I may get to enjoy this  1 in 3 years as a rule frost usually gets it before it blooms or the rain and wind take away all the blossoms. 
Zeus decided he wanted to take a closer look and sniff.  The last picture are what I will call wild Daffodils
they were here before I came and bloom every year as long as I don't cut them down too soon.  I am not sure if the cows will eat them as they are on the pasture side  also.  They have spread more than usual. 
Hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy this weather as we have an extra hour of daylight.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Paper box tutorial

  The picture below shows the lid of the box.  I will give you instructions on how to accomplish this.  
 In this photo Suzie is wetting the napkin so she can tear with a ragged edge. Separating the designs   
finished lid

In this photo  take two pieces of tape rub on your clothes so they won't grab and tear.  Place tape on outside face of napkin it easily comes apart  make sure you only have one layer of napkin to lay on box.

tearing apart

We have just spread a medium on the box where you will lay the napkin (which by the way has already been painted in a nice soft color you may change with the colors of your napkin)  We used JoSonja's Clear Glazing Medium  If you use a varnish it may be too sticky.  Modge podge is made for this purpose but it is too thick.    If  you can't find a glazing medium I would try a drop or two of water in the modge podge.   Then lay the napkin in place and lightly brush over and you are done. Makes a great gift for Baby or in the right designs for wedding gift.  You can google JoSonja it is available on her website     

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moving Day

This is our entrance to our area
 These are a couple of the picture I took Sat. when we moved almost everything.  I will take some  of the shop tomorrow I believe I will be back in the store.  
I went to Purdue today to get a hearing test. I am investing in some new jewelry for my ears.

This weather make me want to plant some potatoes when we have the dark of the moon.  We are in a full moon tonight.  I like to plant by the moon if I can.  I know it is too early the ground has to be cold.
We have had several calves on the ground nice for them the sun is warm
Tomorrow we are scheduled to start cleaning out the barns it always make the  air smell good.
Hope you all get a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather.  Have a great week

Friday, March 2, 2012

Where have I been

Dallas Clark Colts  player was a guest at the Forum
 First off I want to say how sorry I am for all the damage that has happened this day in Southern Indiana.
Tornadoes are terrible to have to go through.and the clean-up is tremendous.  We have had three of them but none as bad as what is on the TV.

I have been so busy not sure which way to go.  We are moving our store to town that is taking a lot of time
Below is a picture of  two gentlemen in the Beef Cattle Business  One on the Right is Bob Petterson and in the middle is Kenny Ramsey.    Mr Ramsey received the Bob Petterson Award at our Annual Indiana Beef Cattle meeting that was held last Sunday night.  Mr Ramsey is ninety some years young as he still flys his own plane.  It was a night to honor several cattle people. The next day we attended the Soybean and Corn Review.  For all producer groups in Indiana sharing the costs helps make a better forum  and it was good.
 This is my beautiful orchid that Hubby gave me a couple of years ago and this is the third time it has bloomed.  I sure think they are beautiful.
Enough for this time I will post  pictures of our new store another time.  Take care stay safe.