Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ann's Musing

That is a funny title but musing (definition) gives a writer his creative inspiration. I think I need some inspiration kind of lost for words. I need to get back in the groove and get that paint brush moving. I have several shows going into fall. Wild birds stores will want some birdhouses for their feathered friends.

Today the Guys are moving cattle around and everyone shows up at the same time. Fellow comes for a load of grain for the local mill. The trash man come to pickup the dumpster and the guys are back for a load of cattle. It is a 3 ring circus to see who gets to first, second and third. There is a barn lot as we call it enter and exit to the grain set-up, the pasture and the load out for cattle that is where we keep the dumpster. Thats the way things work out sometimes. Some days it is quiet.
Take care and stay safe until we talk again

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to the Groundhog

Now that I am back home and I hope my daughter is coming tomorrow.

I will explain these pictures. The one on the left is the live trap. I use a live trap to catch animals as groundhogs and raccoons and take them to the State Forest and turn then loose . Now my husband says a gun would work better. I told him that when I get to the Pearly Gates I don't want the guard to say I see where you killed 5 groundhogs in August of 2010. Because a couple of years ago I took 17 raccoons for a ride.

The picture below is the damage that they can do. This is at the grain bins and this is the corner of the bldg that has the scales and switches for the legs and electric panels. The trap is still set up in case we find another. I have some pictures of some babies that I took a couple of years ago and they look like puppies real cute. If I find it I will post it.
Take care until we talk again

Friday, August 27, 2010

You Never Know

Today I was going to talk about the Groundhogs that I have been trapping I will do that in another post.
My beautiful daughter Debbie had surgery yesterday and had a complete hysterectomy. We won't know for 10 days which way this can go Please help me keep her in God's light and have all tests come back negative. We all know the power of prayer.
Bless all of you
Take care until we talk again

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

State Fair Tour Pictures

Yesterday I wrote about the State Fair Architectural Tour. Most of the buildings have these Medallions around the top that are pictures of the species that can be found in that bldg. These two are from the Draft Horse Barn and the pictures below are on the Communication Bldg it was used for horse racing events and maybe at one time had horses in the under side of this bldg. This building is used for Offices for employees
I tried to move the pictures around they did a flip flop on me so before I loose them all together I will post the blog
Sure is over cast today. Does keep it from getting to warm.
Have a great day and stay safe

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Architectural Tour State Fairgrounds

Good morning
Back from the fair and I have lots of pictures from my Architectural Tour. I will post more in a couple of days

The next time you are in the State fairgrounds please look up. Most of the buildings have Medallions inserted into the bricks. They are beautiful so fitting on each bldg. These 2 pictures are on the Blue Ribbon Pavilion (sheep barn) Handsome aren't they. The other pictures are from the Swine Barn. In all the years I have never noticed the designs.
Have a great day until tomorrow stay safe.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

Thought maybe if I said it 3 times we might get more rain. We did get a little over 2/10 of inch.

The guys are unloading hay that we picked up when it was 100 degrees outside allot cooler this morning.

Lana spoke about not being able to cut hay from the wet weather. We have cut most of our hay for the last time and got it all up without getting wet. Don't know which is worst. The old saying is "Rain Makes Grain" They are right I hope we got enough early to make that happen.

Going to the State Fair for the last time be back Monday. I want to take the Architectural Trolley Tour of the Fairgrounds I have my camera with me hope to get some pictures
Have a great weekend Stay safe

Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Weekend

Today has been one busy day. Mowed grass and trimmed butterfly bushes they were getting really wirey the blooms were all spent. Hope they will come back for another round this year the butterflies really like them. Allot of the flowers are dying since we haven't had rain in a month.

I went to Clay City to pick up some mini gourds just didn't have enough for the fall. These are dried and ready to paint. In Sept I will go to Ohio to the American Gourd show to pick up the gourd that I use to make the birdhouses. I will meet my supplier from West Point, Miss. A nice fellow had cancer last year but he is doing well. I will get some pictures and story later.

Last weekend I will be going out to the Fair to say good bye for another year. I will attend the Queen contest and a couple other dinners that are fair related. I hope they break their attendance record from last year. That would make Cindy's day

Looking at the DTN screen we have some good looking rain headed our way just hope it come by our house.
It would be like Santa at Christmas

Thursday, August 19, 2010

State Fair Visit

Last time we talked I mentioned a quilt. Monday when I was at the State Fair I sold tickets for this beautiful quilt. It is a shadow box design with panels of different birds. All hand-painted and hand quilted. Since 1985 this group of artist( Indy Decorative Artist a chapter of Society of Decorative Painters) have done a quilt with half of the proceeds going to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis the other half go to the education of the members.

The Red-headed woodpecker is the square that I painted.

Another event at the State Fair is a visit from the National Geographic Magazine. They are here to do a story on Children and their Animals sounds exciting. We all need to watch the news stand for our copy of the story. I have some pictures of this visit will publish later.

Sounds like the hot weather will return soon. Stay cool.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Off to the Fair

Another day at the fair today I will demonstrate gourd painting in the Woman's Bldg

Then I will help my painting chapter sell tickets in that same bldg. We paint a quilt every year and then sell ticket. 50% of the proceeds go to Riley Hospital since we have been doing this we have given then over $50,000. Yes that is correct and we are happy to due this. If I can I will take a picture for Wednesday's Blog

I will post again Wednesday

I am working on another project so stay tuned

Have a great week No rain but cooler temperatures

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kevin Gregory Weatherman

Tonight I was watching Kevin in his 7:00 O'clock weather report. And if he is correct we could have rain by morning.

I am going to the State Fair tomorrow early, but I hope it rains at the farm and not the fairgrounds

Tomorrow is the Livestock Sales where the 4-H'ers sell their Champion animals. What a thrill it must be to have a champion animal and reward all your hard work with a monetary value.

Tomorrow night I will meet my Jim for a date to see Keith Urban. Should be a nice concert. This is probably the only one I will take in this year. Not much for real loud music. Enjoy the company of others who spend allot of time at the fair even to see the barn boys and girls.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peoria Tour Group

These are picture of our tour group from the shop today. They called last week and confirmed the reservation that was made in Oct 2009. I thought they were a no show as we have had other who have not been able to fill their buses and had to cancel.
We had a real good group 51 to be exact I talk about the history and growing of gourds also paint one so they can watch and gave it away.
That is me on the left giving my talk.
I will give this same program in the Woman's Bldg on Mon and Tues of next week and I will give away a gourd check schedule for time of event
I was disappointed in not being able to attend the Blog class. If it happens again I can come if not in Sept Ivy Tech has a class in Bloomington in the Center for Lifelong Learning. I have taken classes there before.
Hope we get some cooler weather.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot Day Again

Today I am driving the pickup for our guys to pickup up the hay. We only have 450 bales they round baled the rest. It is very humid as it is hard to get your breath.

The cows will appreciate all this hard work in the winter.

I brought my Big White Dog in the Porch about noon I just had to beg her to come in. I could see she was very warm and has all that hair

Look forward to tomorrow

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Speaking of Pigs

These are pictures of the pigs that I painted last year for Farm Bureau Since it is the year of the pig I wanted to enter him or her in the fair but changed my mind and entered another one.
You will see there is a winter and summer pig.

I hope I will see some of you in Blogging on Wed.

Back to the Fair tomorrow and this time I will be in the Women's Bldg selling tickets for a quilt where 1/2 of the profits goes to Riley Hosp. Our chapter of Decorative Artist have done it for years. Handpainted quilt handing inside the front door. Maybe it is by the elevator this year.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I thought we would never get rain 3/10 of inch better than nothing.
I keep my big white dog in all night She is out this morning. Hope the sun doesn't come out for awhile and give the plants time to breath.

I will do work shops for anyone who would like to paint on a gourd and I have 2 ladies coming to the shop tomorrow to do just that. Always a fun time for them and me.

Our fair is about over just a few more day, this time I am glad to see it end. The heat has keep people from coming to see the events and eating in the food tents. Kiddie day was yesterday and I wasn't there but I am sure the attendance was down. Sometimes the carnival will run another time for the children if it rains so maybe with the heat it will work the same.

Our county has used the Poor Jacks owned by the Bohlander family for many years. They reside in Indiana can't beat them really great people.
Until tomorrow stay safe

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Picture None Today

Seems like everyone is very visual and I also like to see pictures. They have all been very good The kids and Cows, Out West, Modern Day Farming Statue at the State Fair. You are great!!

This heat has my Big White Dog enjoying the air conditioning. She is in my studio it may be hard for her to go outside again Sure hope this is short term The animals are coming in to the State Fair today and thru the next few weeks. The heat in the trailers has got to be real hot maybe they can find a air conditioner for the stock trailer. You know they have them in people trailers
why not for our animals.

All for now will write again soon

Sunday, August 1, 2010

County Fair and State Fair

I know I haven't posted for a few days I have been busy with the fair.
This afternoon we moved my DH into his apartment at the State Fair Grounds. I know he loves it as much as farming.
He has been involved with fairs for 55 years. It all started with 4-H