Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peoria Tour Group

These are picture of our tour group from the shop today. They called last week and confirmed the reservation that was made in Oct 2009. I thought they were a no show as we have had other who have not been able to fill their buses and had to cancel.
We had a real good group 51 to be exact I talk about the history and growing of gourds also paint one so they can watch and gave it away.
That is me on the left giving my talk.
I will give this same program in the Woman's Bldg on Mon and Tues of next week and I will give away a gourd check schedule for time of event
I was disappointed in not being able to attend the Blog class. If it happens again I can come if not in Sept Ivy Tech has a class in Bloomington in the Center for Lifelong Learning. I have taken classes there before.
Hope we get some cooler weather.

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  1. WOW! 51! That is a great crowd! You are doing a great job posting pictures and wrapping your words around them! Keep on doing what you are doing, and have fun at the fair next week!