Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Dinner

 This was the best Christmas Dinner we have had in a long time should have tried before.  The Pioneer Woman cooked one in the oven so I used her recipe.  One of our own,   we sell Steers and Heifers to Butcher.   When you  butcher you choose you own cuts .  Merry Christmas!!!!!

Stay safe until we talk again

My dinning room table ready for the Family

Great Grans 1st Christmas as her shirt reads  She is  wanting a piece of beef.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Shoppers

 I know it has been a long time since I have been on here but time does have a way of flying by.  Just want to let you know we are open tomorrow and Tues for all you last minute shoppers  Berries and Ivy Country Store located  Westside of the Courthouse Square Martinsville. and all the booth holders have merchandise for you to purchase.  They have home decor, candles Vera Bradley, clothing boutique, antiques, signs and pictures just to name a few. 
Maybe after Christmas I will get the camera warmed up these pictures were taken with my phone so they are terrible just wanted to post
I am glad the rain stopped we had what I called the river run through.  Moved so much stuff maybe we should just moved it to the dumpster then next time we could relax. 
Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year,  Health and Happiness to all
plate rack

towels and curtains

Upscaled Clothing


olde door w/pig

Old washer

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The beauty of nature

 This all started Thurs night we had a program at our shop in town on Friday worried it might be cancelled.  The driver of the bus had lots of road experience so the visit went on as planned.  Thanks to Hendricks County  CVB for all you do for Morgan County business.   Our CVB in Morgan County is growing  thanks to the forward thinking of our commissioners and council members that voted for the Innskeepers tax.  This tax will help our CVB market Morgan County

I wanted to show you how beautiful the snow can be.  Walking around feeding the birds just a few things I noticed.  The feeder looks like a buffet  for hungry Cowboys.  Everything is snow covered the birds need to eat and drink also.

Farm report all is quite except the people that keep running through our fence that we put up last summer. Today is  the 4th one.   If they all pay up maybe the fund will have enough to fix it.  The other day the post disappeared they took it also and it was a 9 foot post  hit and run deal!!!!
Hope all have a great week and stay safe until we talk again.
My Bottle tree

Snow on the roof line

My pots all  have hats on

Sunflower from summer birds will eat from it until gone

Nuthatch so fun to watch

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three Blind Mice

Not something I care to live with  I have them in the drawer below my oven in the Kitchen I have watched them crawl up the wall in the studio and that made me want to get a gun and shoot them.    If I used de-con  I may kill other wildlife but if they die in my wall I would smell them for 2 weeks.  So I got all the traps out I think I have 5 set in different places.    I have to run traps every morning  I think I'am and the great gray hunter no punt  intended.  I have caught 3 so far so how many are there I don't know but I hope that is all.  Two weeks ago I saw one then a week later he brought back his girlfriend back and they both ran up that brick wall,  Jim says you know what's next!!!!

Farm report we are still in the field but should be finished in the next few days.  This cold weather doesn't help with cold metal  combine,  grain set-up  even the feeders water  more work to get your day started.  We love what we are doing no matter how long it takes. 

I have a few more stories to tell but I hope I am getting caught up in  my studio and may have a little more time   to blog  Thanks for visiting the blog I do enjoy telling some stories. 
Happy Thanksgiving take care until next time

Friday, October 18, 2013

Master craftsman

 This is a nest that the guys found in the bottom of the grain vac which they moved to our house from one on the storage barns.  It  is made of sticks and green moss  as in the below picture. The nest cavity  is 3 inches deep and 2 inches across.   One of the nicest ones I have ever come across.  The bottom is weak because it was inside the piece of equipment.  Should I take it back to that barn  it doesn't look used .Would there be a bird that builds a nest for this time of year?  The nest is 17 inches by 13 biggest nest I have seen.
  I don't move a nest  unless it comes in a piece of equipment or they start one on a planter in the spring.
Joni James a bird expert maybe you can weigh in on this Blog 
Check out her blog if you like nature.
Tomorrow I will be at Bradford Woods south of Mooresville with the Childrens Festival and they will be doing gourd art.  Wonderful place to visit only open to the public on special occasions bring your camera   Maybe I will see you there. Until later

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trapping again

Doesn't he look sweet.  This little fellow has moved dirt all summer long has quite a few tunnels under and around the grain bins.  We have tried to catch him and it has taken 3 humans to finally get him tricked into going in.  Last week we caught a raccoon and he was standing there talking to the coon when my son went to check the trap.  Needless to say we were glad to see he was in the trap today.   I took him to the park near Paragon and when I let him out he didn't go forward like all the rest that I take there but decided to circle the truck and I was in the bed of the truck when I saw him make a u-turn and come my way.  He circled the truck and then headed for the road crossed the road and started eating grass. 
We have been cutting beans and hauling them to Bunge while we have time.  When you cut beans you have more time to do other things like work ground and plant wheat .  Got that done I always like to see wheat in the winter it is pretty and green.   Now we have rain and I figure we will go back to picking corn

Please pray for the Cattlemen and Farmers out west such a devastating  thing to loose all the cattle, sheep and other animals God Bless them all  Take care until next time.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The rest of the story

This was to show children electric safety
Sorry I took so long I know I said I would post the next day  but I was at the Pedens and I also had a meeting that night so I am time short ( that means I schedule too much in one day ). The Wed went real well had lots of children if you have children or grands please bring them by next year.   We had a class from South School attend.  Next week there is a farmers day at the Morgan County Fairgrounds where they will have animals and old time crafts so you have another chance to visit farm related events.  There will be 3 of our rug hookers there in the building working on their rugs so please stop by and say Hi

Cider press

License plates early 1900

No body has this many shovels all oiled and hanging on a nail

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peden Farms Childrens Festival

 Today I was a volunteer at the Peden Farms Childrens Festival  It is a joy to see all the children wee ones to 2 or 3 grade.   As you can see there were eggs displays and all the fowl that produce eggs.   Questions about beef cattle.   Soybeans and all the things and food that comes from them.  Making butter by shaking cream in a jar and they had crackers to let them taste real butter

We have another day tomorrow it is near 37 in Bloomington.  Joe's Mom and Dad started and they have continued to have these outings so school children and others can come and find out more about farming and animals I have more pictures and hope to show them tomorrow.  The Peden children will continue this tradition some day as they were  there and participate in the festivities.  Until tomorrow I will continue this story.
We are picking corn and it looks like it will be good.  Long nights early mornings  Until later, take care.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Walking on my County Road

Golden rod  I think is beautiful and I like the smell  looks pretty with purple asters
 Nice crisp morning no meetings no place to go but enjoy a quite morning.  Went for a walk on the county road and these are some of the things I saw.   Harvest hasn't started  for us yet, but will soon.
I hope my readers will please answer some of my questions marks
I know harvest has started for a lot of farm families so please be patient with the moving of equipment
Take care and have a great week!!!
Angus talking to another Angus bull across the road

I am the other bull

vine? I don't have all the answers on all these plants

Chinese lanterns ?

This is what we call the branch  a stream in one of the pastures goes under the road in fact it has a new bridge

Even the geese think we are a flyover state seem several the last 2 days

Please guess ?

Oak sapling in fence ??

Wild phlox

Dried Queen Anne lace

Guess what this is??

Dove outside my kitchen window