Monday, July 25, 2011

County Fair are for Everyone

 Yesterday we went to one of the many county fairs that are going on in Indiana  maybe other states also.  I saw this cart that I thought it would be great for the children and all the stuff we like to take with us. Sure was easy for the children to get in and out.  It rained like crazy on the way over hoping we may get rain but not enough to wet the drive way.   Maybe tomorrow or when God is ready
This is one of the children's rides

This is where we got a sandwich The Pork Producers  were serving the food

another ride

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It All Begin With 4-H

This wall  is in the home of the Del Unger Family of Carlisle Indiana.    Their farm was  part of the Farm Tour last month put on by Purdue University.   The awards were achieved by hard work and determination of Adair and Lance Unger the children of Del and Tammi.
With all the fairs going on at this time and the State Fair coming in just days away all the children who have shown and will some day show in the fairs this should be an inspiration.
Good Luck to all 4-Her in their projects

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful Flowers

 These are from my front and back yard and the smell is wonderful.  I didn't realize the Phlox had that much of a scent.  I have had Fox glove for  5 years and this year there are none not even one.  I will have to start them this year so they will bloom next year.

Hope we have a nice crowd at the ballgame.  Maybe the wind will blow and keep us cool
Until next time take care

This is from a Hummingbird bush they are so tall this year.

Since I hadn't planted planters I decide that I would plant this seed box from an old JD planter 

Obedient Plant

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Great New Birdfeeder

When I buy seed in 50# bags I will pour seed into gal jugs for easy handling.
If you like this feeder please check it out
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New feeder *   Nice lid * 3 tubes for seed choice * tray to catch seed  
                                        This is outside my kitchen window  Great place to birdwatch
My first visitors top is goldfinch and below Chickadee

Then more came

Then it got real busy

One real nice feature is your choice of opening for the seed you use 

Large or small  with a small turn and the tray to catch seeds

This is the reason I will benefit and save seed as he would rob the feeders at night and leave them on the ground    

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dyeing Wool for Rugs

Fabric dye
 No I am not making Jelly but I am dyeing some wool for rug hooking  it was the tan color and I added magenta dye and came out with the pretty deep red  which I like.  It takes awhile to do the process so I baked cookies while I was cooking my fabric.  You know women can multi task. 

after dyeing


This is the dye and nothing can be used for food after using to dye

My sugar cookies until  twomaidsamilking.blogspot.com had them on her blog  Amy even has the recipe check it out.  Wink Wink!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

JD AutoTrac

Front view
 For those of us that haven't been in the sprayers that are available today.  When you have Auto Trac you have some time on your hands and thought it would be something I can blog about. Take a ride in the JD Sprayer Thanks Mike
side view

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Flooding in the US

 I was watching the Flooding this past week or two and it just seems to be worse as the years go by.  Between the Tornado's and the rains it is sometimes hard to believe there is someone in charge.

These are pictures that we went through in 2008  when the rain seem like it would never stop.   Moving cattle to higher  ground.  We lost 11 calves and 1 cow  never did find them.  Lost the fences just droves the cows down the county roads.  Thought I was out west on a round-up but the water made me think otherwise.   The bridge is just west of my house.  I felt we were lucky because people lost their homes and have never gone back the county has bought them out and the houses were tore down.