Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back Home

Yes it is always good to be home.  No place like home.  Yesterday I had a couple of meetings didn't want to be inside but duty calls.
Today it was even better when we talk about weather.  I went out and made about 25 birdhouses so I will have something to paint when it get cold again. 
This is what I saw  today in the pasture  my  "Sitting Bull"  he is watching the cars go by.  I will get a better picture next time  I heard  he does this a lot.   We had a bull several years ago that sat like this  just seems odd for an animal this size
Hope everyone is out and enjoying this break in the weather. 
Until next time Take care

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just stopped by to say Hi and Goodbye  I am leaving in the Morning to go paint with a Master Decorative Artist.  I am a want-to-be oil paint artist.   I see paintings that  would look different if you used any other medium.  My guys will be here to take care of my animals..
I will be in southern Indiana not too far away.

I guess I missed some very good bread pudding at theAmericanfarmwifesandfriends meeting today.  Sure looks good.
Pray for no snow in the morning  I don't like to drive in snow and ice.
I hope all of you who will be traveling to the Super Bowl events this weekend will have fun,  looks exciting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old Fashioned Cream Pie

Here is the Old Fashioned Cream Pie   Bake the shell for 10 min at 350  while you cook the pudding 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup corn starch    2 cup milk    1/2 stick butter and 1 tsp vanilla  pour into pie crust and cook another 25 min at 350 and it is good  this was in Farm week paper  in March 1981 made by Mrs Roy Campbell, Veedersburg In  Hope you  enjoy

Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeding the birds

 I was watching the birds on Sat and boy were they in a hurry to get something to eat.  With the weeds,   brush and grass covered in ice they didn't have much of a choice but to come visit me.  That is the reason I feed birds as I like to watch.    Some are so mean I would like to pop them.  We had a 100 year old fir tree taken down and my piliated woodpecker is gone also.  Maybe some day he will return.  
In the pictures of the finches red and yellow  their color is still outstanding I was wandering if the warmer winter had something to do with that? 
The cardinals like to feed in the covered feeder it has a screen bottom and holds a gallon of sunflower seeds

This year I have counted 6 pair of cardinals

This red finch has a lot of red for this time of year

Yellow finch

Friday, January 20, 2012

With life comes changes

Our change for the year 2012 is that we will be moving from our farm house to this building.  We will be inside the Berries and Ivy Country Store.  We will still have the rug hooking. our Tour groups, Art Seminars and I can give History and Painting of gourds to groups that want to visit.  Our address will be 28 N Main Street.  We will move the month of March.  You may still visit the farm house until then just give us a call. 765 342 8097

Our Beef meeting went well last night and well worth the time spent. The food was very good. 
Until the next time we meet stay safe.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Going to see friends

I know this is a commercial so to speak.  But I have a new internet service  and it is AtM-Internet  it is so fast I can't leave my chair when I go to download a picture it is there.  Their website is atm-internet.com you may check with them and they will let you know if they can give you service.  I am excited because we would have to wait about 10 min for every minute of video.    You-tube would take forever  now we are in the drivers seat.
Can't wait tonight to come home and play with my new service.
It is cold outside we have been spoiled by the warmer temperature  kind of enjoyed but back to reality.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

More food

These cinnamon rolls were very easy to make  I had been wanting some rolls but didn't want to make a mess with the flour and mixing  So I took a loaf of frozen bread  Thawed it on the stove while I was baking Dinner.  After it was soft  I rolled it out to about 10 by 20 inches  Spread honey butter ( 1 stick butter and  some honey melted) not all of it just what you want.  Sprinkle with Cinn and then Sugar to your taste.  I eye ball a lot of time when I cook no exact measurement.  Roll up and cut 3/4 inch slices  lay in buttered pan  I let it rise until they were twice their size and baked at 350 for 20 min or until golden brown.  Real good.

I had to laugh today  Cris Goode at Goodness Gracious posted on Indiana'sFamilyoffarmers.blogspot.com a poem that would be worth your time to go read.   AChristmas Diet Poem  so good.

I bought a Cornbeef (3) at Krogers they are having a sale on them   It takes  time to make corn beef like 10 days   so it is well worth getting a few.  I will post it in a day or two on Hunk of Meat Monday.
Stay Warm

Tuesday, January 10, 2012