Friday, September 28, 2012

Gourds 2012

It is that time of year again so off to Ohio I went today my daughter Debbie was so kind to drive.  We made several purchases  I am like a woman in a dress shop I want one of each.  .I did  buy what I needed to paint for my fall shows.  I will be at the Farm Bureau convention in December with the painted gourds in the trade show so please stop by and see me.  

I really like eggs and our friend Joe Rode brought me 6 eggs and told me they have double yolks,  can't wait to crack them to find out.  They came from southern Indiana.  Thanks Joe

Tomorrow is rug hooking day so I will be at the shop at 10:00 need to finish my project  it is a chicken will show you when I am finished.

We are cutting hay so I am praying for a week of sunshine.  I am sure we are not the only farmers trying to get another cutting.


This is what you see out the back   Happy gourds.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

View from my Kitchen

Just wanted to share my pictures  Debbie and I have dome a couple of gourd programs the last couple of weeks and I am trying to paint some Christmas gourds as the show are going to start the 1st part of Oct.

There is a  Fall Festival at Bradford Woods on 67 south of Mooresville  on Oct 27  from 10  to 6.  We are setting up in a booth where we will have a spinner gourd that children may paint and have rug hooking going on at the same time.    You may go to Bradford Woods website  and look at all  the activities for children.
Have a great day and stay safe

Friday, September 21, 2012

Annexation And Farm Opportunities

Last night was our annual Farm Bureau meeting.  We had a very good speaker  on how to accept the resent annexation that has taken place in out town,  They are taking  a lot of farm ground I know they have their reasons but for the farmer the reasons are not good enough.  I live in the buffer zone and have for 30 years and we have a feed lot but a river separates us from the city.  I am glad they stopped at the river.  
A lot of towns go through growth  We are expecting I69 to come past the East side of our town and that is what they want to control.
We have been in the field for 3 weeks  Not a pretty sight.  Every day we hear something different about what is going on with the quality of corn that is being trucked home,  Indy and other places.  Are we suppose to dry it,  are we to ship and not dry.      Hoping we will find out in the morning there is a meeting of several who are in the know and maybe they have all the answers   None of the field around here are worth anything as far as yields go.  Spending more on fuel and wear and tear on equipment. 
Have a safe harvest until another time