Friday, April 24, 2015

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

 This bird works for hours getting seed to feed her family.  She is a beauty

 I need help to identify this bird the only name I can come up with is a female Red-winged Blackbird but it doesn't fit the description in my bird book   Joni James can you answer this question  Joni  is a naturalist expert Birds and all living things.
Farm report:  Had a couple of calves this week maybe a few more to come.  I quite counting.  Good grass pastures   The Bulls are ready to go out they hum all the time that low noise I guess their motors are running.    The cow and calves have all had their shots. 
The field work is coming right along  I hear there is rain in the forecast for tonight  hope we don't get much.
Take care and be kind to others

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Dreary day compared to yesterday.  Saw this little guy at the feeder and he had one foot hanging on while he ate from the feeder.  Maybe he was tired like me wanted to take a nap all day but here it is 7:45 can't nap now too close to bedtime.  I am going to watch the music awards  didn't see anything else on TV.
Our store has been doing well we have lots of new merchandise stop by some time.  Also we have a new facade on our building  windows and double door.  We will have a new awning ours was destroyed by an ice burg in Feb tore a 18 inch rip and poked 2 holes.  There is still painting to be finished but we are please to have been a part of this grant.
Another week ahead take care and be kind

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vulture Time

 I always hate to see these birds they are ugly to look at but that head is for a reason.  They eat dead animals, road kill and afterbirth from our cows that is left.  They are the clean up birds.  Their heads are like that so they don't pick up disease.  I came  upon them while I was checking on the Eagles a couple of weeks ago.  They are very large when they are in the road eating something they don't want to move and you have to drive around them.
Farm report  Moving right along with all work  getting a lot done.  Cows are good a few more to
calf. Pastures are growing.  The hay field is beautiful hope there is some grass in there looks like a green carpet.  
Take care and be kind to everyone.

I love this old windmill used to pump water. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eagles 2015

 This is the second year for this pair of Eagles.  I love to watch them fly majestic they are.  This nest is closer to the White River by at least a football field, they also chose a bigger tree.  The other nest from last year is gone nothing left where it was before.  They have been on this nest for maybe  6 weeks  the guys have been clearing some land and they spotted them . 

Farm report  I think  half of our cows have calved.  The guys are busy putting on Anhydrous,  spreading fertilizer playing catch up because they still have to check the cows.  Hope the weather holds out a few showers are OK no flooding.

Have a great week and take care

the eagle is in the top left of picture just the back side