Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vulture Time

 I always hate to see these birds they are ugly to look at but that head is for a reason.  They eat dead animals, road kill and afterbirth from our cows that is left.  They are the clean up birds.  Their heads are like that so they don't pick up disease.  I came  upon them while I was checking on the Eagles a couple of weeks ago.  They are very large when they are in the road eating something they don't want to move and you have to drive around them.
Farm report  Moving right along with all work  getting a lot done.  Cows are good a few more to
calf. Pastures are growing.  The hay field is beautiful hope there is some grass in there looks like a green carpet.  
Take care and be kind to everyone.

I love this old windmill used to pump water. 

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