Saturday, June 29, 2013


 The Hummers are finally coming to drink their sugar water.    They have been here all along but not drinking as much as they have before or in previous years.   The other day I had to fill the feeders 2 times so that is more than usual.

Farm report: Cut wheat yesterday and also got up about half of the straw  not good drying weather. 
Cows and calves are happy with all the green grass, no tumbleweed for them.
The garden looks great beans and potatoes are blooming and  I have some small tomatoes. Got a bale of straw to put under the plants to keep the plants clean.  
They are such a tiny creature.

Coming in for a landing

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This must be a flying a squirrel.  I saw  him run up the metal pole and jump onto the feeder He fell a few times but didn't give up after he left I got some shortening and greased the pole and he hasn't been back when I have been around

 I made some suet this morning and put it out this nut hatch has really been taking his fair share of the food must be eating for several.
I was sitting and waiting for some good pictures of the birds and Zeus came up and I told him he had to play dead so this is him playing dead.

Now that is what I call a piece of suet. But remember she is feeding several  There were more than these two trips.  I am going to watch the finals of the voice as I enjoy Blake and it is the finals.   Until later take care

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How does your Garden Grow

Green beans
 When I went to the Flower and Patio show I saw all the raised beds and thought that would be something I would like to try.    I love it the fellows used grain bin pipes  and then hooked them together  at the ends,  filled it with dirt and I have a very nice raised bed.    Bought me a soaker hose and I have had to use it   We have been promised rain but maybe .10 inch  not much.and I know northern In has gotten plenty.  I have about 10 tomatoes planted in cages aside of this raised bed.  The hardest part of a garden is starting the rototiller and going up and down the rows.  Not as strong as I used to be.
Farm report  replanted a few soybeans   Got this last cutting of hay up finished today.   Calling for rain we will see.
Take care and be safe
Second planting of green beans you see the fence panels Zeus thought it was his new play area and would run up and down  throwing  dirt in the air.  The panel slowed him down  guess I need to get him a pile of sand.

Red potatoes

Tomatoes these are in the raised bed the others are in the garden about 1/3 the size of these the soil came from Forest Commodities  Paragon off Highway 67 doing a great job

This is how they connected the ends  they won't break apart or won't rot out

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Water and Herons

 This first picture is a vulture stalking the grain bins hoping for food   I hope nice or rats. By the way he is taking off.
 When I went to take Mike some lunch I drove past these birds.  When you see them in your field you know the water has been there way too long. It maybe August before this dries up and then it is to late to plant anything.  Same old story every year.  Knowing  that I saw them I will watch for the nests next winter to see if there is a colony somewhere in the tree line in those bottom fields.    There was one on each  sides of the road don't know if they were together or had a nest in the trees.
For those who want to see a colony of Herons nests  turn on Highway 45 out of Bean Blossom go a couple of miles and you will see them in the distance on your left. Next time I go over that way I will take a picture and post.

Deb and I are having a garage sale  cleaning out  so have to go help Sale is Saturday June 9 til???
At the old shop on the corner of Bain Rd and old 67 Martinsville 765 342 8097
Take care until next time

Friday, June 7, 2013

Horseshoes Of Hope Equine Academy

The ramp to help riders to mount the horses
 Remember this last week I said I was going to a Farm Bureau Ice Cream Social   I got a lot more then I bargained for.  This place called Horseshoes of Hope is fantastic what a great place for those who need their services and they have some much to offer.   When John Lambert talked about some of the stories of how the horses are used as therapy just like we use the dogs and cats in nursing homes or hospitals or to greet the soldiers when they come home from serving their country.
I would like for you to go to their website and look around so much information.

There are openings for the  Therapeutic Summer Sessions  which starts June 11.    We all have friends and family where our children have Autism.  The Autism Foundation has a scholarship program that is on this website. Contact John Lambert at 765 352 9000 he will be happy to tell you what they do and the stories are amazing. They are located at Bradford Woods on State Road 67 between Martinsville and Mooresville In.

Take care and stay safe
This is Susan sweeping the floor Always work to be done

This is the indoor arena  there is also a  outdoor one that is 90 by150

Waiting area for family members and there is viewing of the arena on the left side

Susan leading this horse out for some sunshine and exercise

Monday, June 3, 2013


How many times does a Robin make a nest and lay eggs?  Today Mike took a Steer to Mooresville to have it butchered.  When he returned home the trailer was parked a football field length from where he took the trailer at 8:00 this morning.  He returned the trailer at about 4:00 pm and he knew that the nest was still there and the birds were gone from the first time.  When  he put his phone up to look into the nest to his surprise there were these three eggs.  That trailer went to  Mooresville and back and sat by the shed all day.  Tonight I walked out to see if she found the nest and yes she was sitting there like nothing had ever happened  that poor bird.   Could this be the same Robin or do they reuse others nests.    The other birds hatched and fledged by May 19th.  They had taken a ride on the trailer but there weren't any eggs yet to move cattle to pasture earlier this year April 22.
I will keep an eye on these eggs  we will see how many birds use this nest.
Hope the sun continues to shine as we have several acres of hay on the ground.
Take care and stay safe  

Sunday, June 2, 2013


 The sunflower seeds keep disappearing too fast and I also have been planting some sunflower seed to grow around where I feed the birds and they are not coming up the way they should.    Now I believe I found the thief he has a bushy tail. 

Report from the farm:    We have been mowing hay all day so I hope we get  4 days  of clear weather 
We got about 40 acres that didn't get wet last week so we are trying again.  Waiting to finish Soybeans and to see if some corn needs replanting and  to get some spraying of corn finished. 
The bulls are out on pasture with the ladies and the pastures are growing and look good
We have our Farm Bureau Ice Cream social this Tues which is always good fellowship.
Take care  and stay safe

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still following wildlife

 The rain sure has fallen the fields have ponds in them in different areas but I know we would have loved to get this when it is dry in the middle of the summer  So I am not going to complain.  Weather isn't one of the things in life I have any control over so I will leave it to the Master he is all knowing.
 I am so thrilled to see a Pileated woodpecker come to my  feeders has showed up everyday this week  I hope he will stick around for a while.  The Grosbeak was back this week not sure why that was. He is welcome anytime.  There  are so many young birds not necessary small the larger birds are hatching and they have a hard time trying to fly following Mother bird with their mouths open waiting for food.
 This  rabbit was here in the winter He left paw prints in the snow you could follow his foot steps the dogs would follow also .  Not sure where he lives
 Went down to one of the fields and this lonely Mallard was foraging for food  this water tonight is double in size from  what it was the other day.   Waiting for the wet areas to dry so they can be planted.  
The Red-winged Blackbird think he owns this feeder his wings puffed out and his mouth open complaining to the other birds.