Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This must be a flying a squirrel.  I saw  him run up the metal pole and jump onto the feeder He fell a few times but didn't give up after he left I got some shortening and greased the pole and he hasn't been back when I have been around

 I made some suet this morning and put it out this nut hatch has really been taking his fair share of the food must be eating for several.
I was sitting and waiting for some good pictures of the birds and Zeus came up and I told him he had to play dead so this is him playing dead.

Now that is what I call a piece of suet. But remember she is feeding several  There were more than these two trips.  I am going to watch the finals of the voice as I enjoy Blake and it is the finals.   Until later take care

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  1. enjoyed your pics---especially Zeus! thanks for sharing.