Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ott A is right

Just had to share this little nest  I was walking in the yard with Zeus and a bird flew out.  Later I came by and could see she had 4 blue eggs.  Went back this am and took their picture.  Robins just don't care where they build their nests this is just 18 inches from the ground.  We have found them on the planter over night they build and we have to move them.  This is a butterfly bush that got hit with the frost last week  A lot of my flowering shrubs have brown leaves.  My hydrangea  bushes are the worst don't want to cut because these bloom on new wood.  Hoping they will come out again. Any one got advise for me on this bush??
The rain went around us and we are in need   Hope some of you got rain hoping for rain this weekend.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Work Work Work

It has been a long time since I have blogged but some times work get in the way.  I finished my contracts with a few business and tonight I am doing what I want. 
Just wanted you to know Sitting Bull is still there doing his thing. 
Last Sat when Deb and I were leaving the store. It started storming  we were putting some bags in the back of her van and up come a very scared dog  and jumped in the car.  Very friendly but scared.    Went to the Humane Society to have him checked for a Micro chip.  None so while we were there a lady keep taking his picture and we found she was with  Pet finder and today the owner came and picked up the dog from my house.  We just entertained him for a few days.  Happy ending.  Just couldn't leave him at the rescue center.It was through Pet Finders the owner made a connection with the dog.

I also want to let you know the story about the farm house was in the April issue of   I thought they did a great job on the article..

Maybe I can get back to blogging more often.  We have a garden show in Bloomington,  In at the National Guard Armory this weekend Saturday only..  Our shop in town is going well.
Until next time take care.