Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The dictionary says compromise is each party giving up part of his demands.
We  don't know but in everything there are compromises with family, friends
and enemies.   Well here is my compromise Black dashboard  and carpet and silverstone seats and
some of the interior.  I like my car got it yesterday they got it out of state so it took some time
to get back here.  I call it my truck because it hauls a lot of different farm and store merchandise
the seats are always down in the floor.   Spring is coming!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Car

I know it has been a week since I posted but business is taking a front seat in my life at this time and I had a garden show last weekend. The pansy's are so pretty just had to but a few. I have 3 shows scheduled for the month of April starting with the Indiana Gourd Society in Greenfield at the Hancock County Fairgrounds It is a great show of how talented some of our Hoosiers really are. Date is April 1. 2. 3 Well worth the drive out to see.

Time does fly when we are having fun.
I got to tell you a story about another of my projects I have been looking for a new car I started after the state fair last year. So I thought I found it but just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something to drive around. So I am settling for another Town and Country Van. I signed the papers last night. We were going through the cars features and I was sitting there and realized that it had black interior and I said to the salesman I could't buy this car because of the black interior. I think he thought I was kidding but after about an hour they were on the computer to find me one with a light interior. I tried to tell them this is a vehicle that is driven on dirt roads. Hauls lunch to the farmers in my house and they will get in the car and have lunch. I transport from one field to another. Just another farm vehicle. They have no idea how much dust a farmer can carry on himself. His clothes, hair , hands in fact he is a cloud of dust if you pat him on his shoulder. Just part of the job
Have a great day!!! I get to go to an oil painting class at the Brown County Inn

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sad Story

You know we talk about all the good things about raising animals.  Well there are some bad things we don't like to talk about.  Maybe I should say  a  calf that  doesn't  have all its body parts.  I guess they are like us in that sometimes things go astray  and not all is complete.  It is a heifer  who has no tail just a dented in place  and after looking farther at her,  she is also missing a eye.  She is very unstable and hard to feed.   Maybe she will surpass her handicaps.   Hubby was at a beef meeting yesterday  he showed her picture around and some had never heard of being born without a tail.   If she lives to go  on the pasture maybe we will  need to invent her a tail.
Going out of town for a couple of days to Illinois to a bank meeting.  Hubby is going also  We are leaving the guys here to get thing moving  I hears the weather is going to be  beautiful to boot.
Go for that walk!!  Until the next time.