Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mural of Soybeans

This is a work in progress.  Visit the Home and Family Arts Bldg for the final results

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Darned if I know Cake

 This is so simple  Box cake, 2 cans of cherry pie filling and 1 and1/2 sticks of butter.  Dump cherry pie filling,  sprinkle cake mix  on top of cherries, cut butter is thin slices place on top of cake mix.  Add coconut, nuts.  You could use apple or peach and use spice or pineapple cake mix.   Bake 350 degree for 50 min approx. Ready to eat.  Great for pitch-in
Just wondering  has anyone tried a pudding mix with cake mix and butter on top.  It sounds good but??

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mud and More Mud

 Mud up on the frame and there is the cleaning tool.

 My green beans are breaking ground.  Hope they don't break their necks.  Will hoe before sundown or it will rain on them
 This is last year pumpkins that have sprouted.  Never had them volunteer like this.  Maybe it was all the rain made the seeds wet and sprouted.
This is Fern's ( Mother in Law) hoe  which she gave me before she left this earth and the spike I got from  Aaron ( Father in Law)

Would like to see a cooler temperature but corn grows in hot weather. 
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eagles, Hawks and Owls

Also present on Earth Day was  a not for profit group from Nashville In They rehab birds who have been injured.    Check out their website also  go to  You may find some money saving tips  from our website.   Please visit

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ann's Museings

I would like to welcome all who have taken time to come visit my Blog. I want to thank Amy from ALatte'withOtt,A  for writing and posting  my story on The Real Farmwives of America and Friends   We  are  Blogging on different subjects so visit often to see what the farmwives are up too.

We are all about Family, Farming and Food. 
When I am not busy with the farm or cooking you can find me at the Antique store which is in an 1880 farm house next door to my home.   That is where my studio is located. We teach painting and rug hooking.  We host a group of ladies on Thursday morning who work on their  rugs makes for great fellowship.
We almost finished planting corn Saturday night and then we had rain.  Still planting Soybeans and we are cutting hay today  We are not to have rain until Thursday  I hope the weatherman is right in his forecast.  All of this cutting will go into large round bales to feed the cattle next winter.
Take care until we meet again.