Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three Blind Mice

Not something I care to live with  I have them in the drawer below my oven in the Kitchen I have watched them crawl up the wall in the studio and that made me want to get a gun and shoot them.    If I used de-con  I may kill other wildlife but if they die in my wall I would smell them for 2 weeks.  So I got all the traps out I think I have 5 set in different places.    I have to run traps every morning  I think I'am and the great gray hunter no punt  intended.  I have caught 3 so far so how many are there I don't know but I hope that is all.  Two weeks ago I saw one then a week later he brought back his girlfriend back and they both ran up that brick wall,  Jim says you know what's next!!!!

Farm report we are still in the field but should be finished in the next few days.  This cold weather doesn't help with cold metal  combine,  grain set-up  even the feeders water  more work to get your day started.  We love what we are doing no matter how long it takes. 

I have a few more stories to tell but I hope I am getting caught up in  my studio and may have a little more time   to blog  Thanks for visiting the blog I do enjoy telling some stories. 
Happy Thanksgiving take care until next time