Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Harvest Begins 2014

 One down and several to go. We have started harvest today there isn't another word for it.  Long hours, food on the run,  and a good nights sleep when it rains. The word out there is our harvest will be good but the prices are bad.  I hope you didn't forget 1.25 a bu several years ago but I know input costs were not as high and neither was land costs or cash rents.  I will leave it there. May God watch over all the Farmers and keep them safe.  Never be in such a hurry as to not think about what you are doing. 
Take care and be kind to each other

Friday, September 12, 2014

Random Thinking

I feel so lucky to see my friend show up today at the feeder he is a Red-bellied Woodpecker  I believe there are 5 different ones that will winter at this feeder love to watch them.  That little finch is wandering who is shaking the feeder as I said this is the first visit this fall.  Happy to know they are OK and still alive.  I am amazed how they survive no bigger then they are I know they are part of the whole: God's Plan, Even when the Hawk swoops in for his Supper

This is a picture that you can light up,  sit on the table or hang in the porch.  Save it from year to year We sold out last week and just got another order  in today. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

The old and the new

 This is now at the entrance of where we have cow in the summer months.  There is also a house that goes with the pasture and some crop ground.  I got to check on the cows as everyone else was busy.
We have mowed hay lets hope for no rain maybe we can get it up
Don't forget to look at the moon tonight.   Take care and be safe
 There is a water tank for the cows to drink.  Always have to make sure everything is working
A charger to keep them safe and not roaming this isn't the wild west

A bluebird box that I envy the first year it is up the bluebirds used it.  I took pictures of them when I went to water earlier this summer

This is a large fungus must be 18 inches across got my attention at first I thought it looked like a turtle at the bottom of the tree.  So what kind of fungus???

This is the old  in  fact it sits across from the water tank and there was a pump below that we turned on to water the cows.  We have used this pasture well over 35 yrs.     

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Before the Harvest

Just as the sign says  Before the Harvest  Thank you for a really nice evening with my Farmer.  Tonight he is off to a field day and there are many to attend.

This weekend for anyone interested in Rug Hooking come by the Woolkeepers Rug Hooking event at Camby In on East County Road 700 South Hope to see all of you there we are a vendor great show.

Farm report: trying to find a window of time without rain to cut some more hay.  Working on the Combine.  Trying to keep up with mowing the lawn.

Take care and be kind to each other