Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Flowers

Well we survived the monsoon  this last month.   Oh we are in Indiana not the Indian ocean.  We are like all those who were under water  didn't get a field or 2 planted the White River is finally back in its banks at least at our farm. We need to remember God is in control the last time I checked. Had to write about these flowers they are beautiful but also intoxicating to walk through them.  My phlox usually gets mildew this year I started thinning it early and what is left is beautiful and no mildew.  I have started milkweed seeds to grow some plants and with the cold weather and rain they are just now coming up   I have roadside milkweed but these are different and the monarchs love them they are perennial so once I get them started I hope they will return
Enough for now I know I have been absent maybe I can work on that I am on facebook but I don't twitter and all the rest of that media
Enjoy this beautiful weather  and take care