Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decorative art meeting

 Tomorrow I have my monthly meeting of the Decorative Artist group.  I am donating these boxes to the memory box program and they will go to St Vincent's Hosp, for women who loose a child at birth or soon after. 
We also will have a Christmas luncheon and present the winner of our lovely quilt that was won by someone that bought a ticket at the state fair in the womans bldg.  I didn't want to wait too long  before I posted  but my internet service was out until today.  I am going to have to find a new host  wish AT&T would serve us we are about a mile too far. Bummer!!!

Both of my  fellows Zeus and Spankie

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

 This is where I started on  my Christmas.  These are my outdoor trees which I have had to replace  some lights but this  year  you see what I found. the below picture.  We got them out in time for Thanksgiving night to light my house and yard.   Sorry I have been absent but my internet hasn't been in  service since Thanksgiving day  until about 2:00 pm this afternoon.  I will be posting because I have a bucket list of things I want to share.  I have my tree up inside not all decorated but light on it. I went out to Walmart and bought all new lights because one end of my lights didn't work. If fact I went to 2 other places and they were out of the plain white lights. 
    I heard  we may get some snow it is pretty to see come down but can be dangerous if the roads get slick. 
last year lights

This is the first of many batches of cookies and candy that I will make in the next week.  I made a Butter Toffee from the PW website that was  to die for it is on my list

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time Flies

These cute Snowmen and Santas have been keeping me company.   I also got some  wholesale orders for the birdhouses so that is where my time went
Zeus is still being his cute self  He is sitting on the steps outside Hubby's office door his butt is on the top step and his front feet are on the next step down.  Just watching for someone to walk by and play

We are having our Christmas Open on Dec 3  from 10 to 4  
Stop by for a  cup of coffee and visit or paint a mini snowman
 Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutorial Day

Pulp from persimmons
We will start with the persimmons  Since  we Have several trees  ( I wish that anyone who would like to pickup persimmons please come by my house).   I take the caps off of them put them in a colander with your masher work until you have no more pulp coming out.  The persimmons are very nice this year.  Use in a variety of recipes. The persimmon seed in the below picture is a spoon and that means snow by the almanac  Lana at walkingtheoff-beatenpath.just saw her blog and she is looking for apple bread recipe missed placed hers isn't that the way it goes. Lana was talking about maybe they would have some snow   all of the realfarmwivesofamerica.com were given a product of clothing from Carhartt she choose the bibs and thought she might need them soon.  If you go to the farmwives blog you can win a pair for yourself  free hurry on over.
 Leontien the report is she is doing better so keep the prayers coming.  Thank you!!!

pulp in the colander

Nice persimmons

This is my basil that I grew and have been drying  all summer long.  I put a few sprigs on a pan on top of my coffee maker and check ever so often  When dry add to my bag of leaves.   Use when needed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My own Overalls

I just  put leaves in this dog house for Zeus  These leaves will be in another Blog
feeding the birds everyday
The Guys here at the farm all have their own Bibs  me I had a Duster that was long it keep me dry but not always clean.   Now thanks to Carhartt.  Carhartt   I will have my own overalls.    These are waterproof overalls.  What I like about them is that they keep you warm, dry and clean.   You won't sweat like a lot of rain gear.    They have a adjustable waist with Velcros  loops and it has snaps and zippers down the legs.   These are going to work out great for my everyday chores.  I have a Carhartt jacket on this is my second one that I have had for a long time and wouldn't trade it for any of the  seed company  advertising clothes not in the winter Only Carhartt . If you would like to win a Carhartt product of your own head over to the Real FarmwifesofAmericaAndFriends
Zeus and I are going to Therapy training Wed maybe I can take some pictures.    At the Vet's office he weighed in at 148 pounds.  Doc said he wasn't fat and keep feeding him.
Thanks to Carhartt for providing me with these waterproof waist overalls.  These words are my own I enjoy wearing clothing that does what it is designed to do  Carhartt  wears well  for the people who wear them.  This is from the Womens line of clothing.
Last but not least  Keep my Friend and Dairy Lady  Leontien in your prayers. You may not know her ask God to lift her burden.

This is the snaps and adjustable waist

Just some of the Carhartt that is around our home

Sorry about the butt but there is a pocket that zips closed wanted you to see

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A trip through my Garage

Prince Albert
 Cool but a beautiful sun shiny day.  We are  hoping  to be done in a few days with beans.
  I hear the rain is to return Monday and Tues.
Tomorrow I will go back to Sellersburg to get 200 gourds for a group of artist who have children and I believe adults paint to place on a 50 foot fir tree in the front yard of their bldg.   If you are interested check out their website

when I find a horse shoe I hang it with others

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Love his tiny teeth in front  Looks like he is smiling
 These pictures are for the family that originally rescued Zeus, Vickie and her Daughters
Likes to drink out of the birdbath  I closed the fountain for the winter

Hunting dog

Going to bury his little friend

Want to play

The little dog would fit in the hole

Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Olde House

 This is the old home that my Father-in-law was borne in that was 1914.  Sad to see your history fade away. This was a four room home no indoor plumbing, no running water. very primitive.

The out house