Saturday, October 15, 2011

A trip through my Garage

Prince Albert
 Cool but a beautiful sun shiny day.  We are  hoping  to be done in a few days with beans.
  I hear the rain is to return Monday and Tues.
Tomorrow I will go back to Sellersburg to get 200 gourds for a group of artist who have children and I believe adults paint to place on a 50 foot fir tree in the front yard of their bldg.   If you are interested check out their website

when I find a horse shoe I hang it with others


  1. oh my you have some amazing things in your garage!!! Love your doggie, he is beautiful, see he is a rescue, that is wonderful. Our dog of 12 years died this summer, we adopted a new 6 yr old Golden Retriever from some friends that were retiring her, they bred pups. She is so sweet and fun!

  2. Oh, look at the goodies you found! You can refurbish and reuse them, right? I love your vintage fan. My grandpa used to have something like that before.

    -Kerita Kantz