Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutorial Day

Pulp from persimmons
We will start with the persimmons  Since  we Have several trees  ( I wish that anyone who would like to pickup persimmons please come by my house).   I take the caps off of them put them in a colander with your masher work until you have no more pulp coming out.  The persimmons are very nice this year.  Use in a variety of recipes. The persimmon seed in the below picture is a spoon and that means snow by the almanac  Lana at walkingtheoff-beatenpath.just saw her blog and she is looking for apple bread recipe missed placed hers isn't that the way it goes. Lana was talking about maybe they would have some snow   all of the realfarmwivesofamerica.comhttp://www.realfarmwivesofamerica.com/ were given a product of clothing from Carhartthttp://carthartt.com/ she choose the bibs and thought she might need them soon.  If you go to the farmwives blog you can win a pair for yourself  free hurry on over.
 Leontien the report is she is doing better so keep the prayers coming.  Thank you!!!

pulp in the colander

Nice persimmons

This is my basil that I grew and have been drying  all summer long.  I put a few sprigs on a pan on top of my coffee maker and check ever so often  When dry add to my bag of leaves.   Use when needed.

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