Sunday, October 23, 2011

My own Overalls

I just  put leaves in this dog house for Zeus  These leaves will be in another Blog
feeding the birds everyday
The Guys here at the farm all have their own Bibs  me I had a Duster that was long it keep me dry but not always clean.   Now thanks to Carhartt.  Carhartt   I will have my own overalls.    These are waterproof overalls.  What I like about them is that they keep you warm, dry and clean.   You won't sweat like a lot of rain gear.    They have a adjustable waist with Velcros  loops and it has snaps and zippers down the legs.   These are going to work out great for my everyday chores.  I have a Carhartt jacket on this is my second one that I have had for a long time and wouldn't trade it for any of the  seed company  advertising clothes not in the winter Only Carhartt . If you would like to win a Carhartt product of your own head over to the Real FarmwifesofAmericaAndFriends
Zeus and I are going to Therapy training Wed maybe I can take some pictures.    At the Vet's office he weighed in at 148 pounds.  Doc said he wasn't fat and keep feeding him.
Thanks to Carhartt for providing me with these waterproof waist overalls.  These words are my own I enjoy wearing clothing that does what it is designed to do  Carhartt  wears well  for the people who wear them.  This is from the Womens line of clothing.
Last but not least  Keep my Friend and Dairy Lady  Leontien in your prayers. You may not know her ask God to lift her burden.

This is the snaps and adjustable waist

Just some of the Carhartt that is around our home

Sorry about the butt but there is a pocket that zips closed wanted you to see


  1. Your post is so darned cute! Love the last shot and LOVE those pants. If I didn't think I would snag them in the barn lot, they would have been my pick. We have so many nails and scratchy boards ready to jump out and grab you. I swear I'm going out there with a hammer and some sand paper before it gets too cold! ENJOY!

  2. Hey Ann, I've thought about getting some of those carthartt overalls for the winter work in the barn in years gone by....might have to reconsider it...And Zeus is beautiful!! What kind of therapy are you guys doing?