Sunday, July 29, 2012


 A friend of my is into painting Murals  This is the second one in a year.  These are very large   this bldg is a laundromat.  It is located in the Martinsville Shopping center next to Trader Bakers store.  Sally Hedges is the artist..    If you are interested she is for hire.    Has been looking for another wall to paint. Google her I am sure you will find her.  She lives in Martinsville.
  Went to a State Fair function last night I will tell you about next time.  Saw lots of my state fair friends  you know the ones you don't see all year and then it is homecoming week and you have so much to talk about.

This little angel is Sally's niece Lilly.  She went to heaven this year.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day One Old Barn

West side of barn starting to remove  footers
I will post as the renovation goes on as we have  two barns  that are getting this repair.  
Praying for rain

center of barn  damage to floor  from the 2008 flood

The Market steers wonder what is going on this is their home

Removing the footers

This is the first thing they did this am  took off the siding

The silo is on the list to be removed

The boss is supervising

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pretty Pictures

This hydrangea was froze by the cold last spring so nice to see them all blooming

The birds and butterflies love Phlox

I found this jar at a dumpster while washing my car.  Brought it home and  my daughter filled it with herbs for my birthday  

My first tomatoes  Yes I am watering beans and tomatoes

I don't have chickens so I added a metal rooster to my garden.    Fine fellow

My beans are blooming won't be long now.  Wasn't going to plant it was so cold and wet.
I hope everyone enjoys a holiday even if it is dry and hot.    Happy 4th of July  Stay safe until we meet again