Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pretty Pictures

This hydrangea was froze by the cold last spring so nice to see them all blooming

The birds and butterflies love Phlox

I found this jar at a dumpster while washing my car.  Brought it home and  my daughter filled it with herbs for my birthday  

My first tomatoes  Yes I am watering beans and tomatoes

I don't have chickens so I added a metal rooster to my garden.    Fine fellow

My beans are blooming won't be long now.  Wasn't going to plant it was so cold and wet.
I hope everyone enjoys a holiday even if it is dry and hot.    Happy 4th of July  Stay safe until we meet again

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  1. Your phlox are beautiful. I hope ya'll hav had more rain than we have. I have been watering my hydrangeas and phlox every five minutes it seems.