Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now I think Spring is here

I am off to the  Lincoln Day Dinner for our county.  Our city has an election  so all the City Council,  Mayor and Clerk candidate's are running for re-election and some 1st timers.
I don't get to vote in the election even though I am in the Buffer zone  and the City has some restrictions on what I can do. I have my favorites so I hope they win...

Can't believe it has been a week since I posted just shows how fast time passes.   Hope all had fun at the 1st Birthday Party of the blogging  group  hope we have many more. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Fellow on the Farm

Here he is.   Nice looking fellow,  in this picture he wouldn't look at me until  the camera flashed.  Then he got curious and wanted to see what I was doing.  Then I went in the barn with him so I could get a better picture.   He will have his own herd  as the other two will share since they get along.  Bull will fight to the end to have dominance over the other bulls.  This bull was born in Jan 2010 he is young his first  season.  Yes he is Angus.  He is a Stewart Select Bull (.  Their farm raises Angus cattle and have for many years.

I am trapping again got a raccoon this morning.    Yesterday I saw a ground hog at the grain bins and I am after him  I will relocate them to the state park about 6 miles from me. Since it is baby season  I don't need a bunch of baby ground hogs.    If I can find a picture  we had about 6 ground hogs pups in the barn lot  they were so cute  Had a hard time protecting them from 2 legged people.
 Enough for now the 5 minute rule

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bull Sale

I know I don't have one single picture and I meant to take my camera with me.  My son and I went to the Bull sale in Bedford, In. at the Springville Feeder Auction.   Boy what a good time  Lots and lots of Bulls and lots of guys.   You know the new thing on the radio it is OK to look  I had a lot to look at.  They have a restaurant that served good beef burgers from Heartland Beef  good Beef  produced by Cattlemen in Indiana my hubby is one of those guys trying to promote beef.
To get to the Bull part we did buy a Bull nice fellow We got him home and he starts his call to see if he gets any takers  Showing his stuff.  He will be confined for a few weeks and when the girls go out to pasture he will go with them.
If you have never been to a cattle sale  there  are bleachers and a ring for the animal to dance around in to show his stuff. There are ring masters that keep the animal moving.  Reminds me when the wrestle on TV
(And No I don't watch!!)  except the ring is down below  most sale barns are set up like that.
Sorry no pictures but I need to carry it with me like the rest of you.  Have a great weekend  I have a fiber show in Greencastle In

Friday, April 8, 2011

French Lick Hotel

Today I attended Hoosier Energy Annual Meeting.  For the last few years they have it at the French Lick Hotel .  Lovely facility have  good food and great fellowship.  A lot of the REMC directors are farmers.  So not only do we talk energy but also talk about farming.  I don't know one farmer who isn't ready to jump on the planter.   I was over by Crawfordsville  yesterday and saw the first field planted.   Back to the meeting  we have a business meeting we have a luncheon and the gift basket on the table which one of the people sitting there will win..  This basket is Indiana products   I also took a few pictures of the grounds that are so beautiful.  The building below is the casino.   Enjoy the pictures I talk to you next week

Friday, April 1, 2011

Indiana Gourd Show

As you know I am a vendor at the Indiana Gourd Show this weekend at Hancock County Fairgrounds

I took some pictures for you to enjoy  A couple are of my booth and the lady next to me is Lady of the Forest from Plymouth In.   Sherry Benedict uses clay to to enhance her gourds