Sunday, March 31, 2013

Favorite Foods

 I used to feed other seeds and found that it is easier to stay with one kind.  So I picked black oil sunflower seed and they will grow under the feeder so you get some free plants and the birds will eat them also.These finches are hungry little fellows

Every year I have a wren that appears and I never know which house he will claim you see him going in and out of different ones and then they  will pick one

This red-bellied woodpecker is on guard he is fighting off 3 starlings for some home-made suet cake. He stood his ground until he was done   Recipe for suet cake below

The red headed woodpecker is still here the female is the same color as the male
Recipe for suet cake
1 cup lard
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup flour
3 cups corn meal
some sunflower seeds
I just use my mixer that I would use for cakes.  If it is too soft put in a little more flour like firm cookie dough
Press in plastic wrap to fit your feeder and put in freezer to harden
There are a lot of different ones on the internet

Enjoy Easter Sunday and stay safe.  A lot of families will be on the road.

Monday, March 25, 2013

winter is still here

 Winter is in the air with 5 inches of snow by the way it is melting fast.  These 2 were caught yesterday during the storm.  During the wind yesterday one of the feeders was swinging so far it was hitting the tree base  I went and cut it down before it kill one of the birds  they were trying to eat and holding on for dear life.

snow last lest night

He was cold and wet to close to the creek and the guys brought him in to go through the hair dryer and warm up 

10 hours old

This is the pen we keep in the basement for this reason I believe we have had 5 calves not all have a happy ending as once they get chilled it is had to bring them back.  This fellow is doing OK he will go back to Mom soon.  We also have corn stalks that we unroll in the field for them to lay on but they want to go off by them self and have their baby.  When the barometer falls so do the calves.  That is the way life is even cattle.
We can add another 4 to the barn count
Take care until another day stay safe

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fire and Water

Raised beds what I want for my garden this year
Went to the Flower and Patio show today  Fire and Water was the biggest thing going.  We enjoyed seeing all the flowers and some of the new things that are out there for gardeners.  One booth was  barn beams made into a bed and others pieces of furniture.
Happy Gardening.   Spring will come very soon.
Take care until next time
Water feature you can see the wheels of a car and the front bumper so neat the water came out and ran into a pool below

You can raise your chickens in this little pen and move it around the yard

Pallet furniture back and end and a stack for the seat  Just add cushions

This is my new recycle bin pallets

 Fire pit and there were lots of them

Monday, March 11, 2013

New bird at feeder

 This is the new visitor to my yard I have  about four different kinds of  woodpeckers.  I enjoy all of them but my wild cherry looks like it has a skin disease  they are always going up and down cleaning bugs, worms or what ever they can find.  I have painted him several times from a book now I have my own picture. 
Tomorrow I am going to the Flower and Patio show at the State Fair grounds it will be bright and full of flowers.   There are a lot of garden related items  like ponds and fire pits.  I just like the flower and all the flowering bulbs.
Barn report we are still have a couple a days  and will for at least another week or two.  I will put up some more pictures when the sun come out.
Take care and stay safe  drive carefully remember you are carrying precious cargo and you can't replace them.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Barn Report

 This is the kind of winter that really bothers farmers that have animals.  Wet cold snow you name it we have had some.  This is about the 3rd calf that got to  come to the basement.  We have a pen made just for that as you can see nothing but mud  I could ring water out of his tail.    With a hair dryer and a brush and 3 hours he can out looking pretty good.    The one thing is to not loose his scent because the cow could refuse to claim the calf.    He is back in the pasture with mom and I hope she does her part  I helped her all I can.    This is the human side of raising cattle.  The guys work real hard to see that all are nursing and don't have the  scours  which is the S--ts in animals if you are not familiar with that word.
I enjoy doing my part to keep thing running with the cows.   This is number 15  I remember that on March 10 a few years ago we had 9 born that was a crazy day
 I was going to go to a Blogging meeting that is held  about once a month but with this mud I will have to catch them next time.  Want to read other blogs about farm life  try some of the ones on the right side of my page.  
Take care and stay safe 

looking better

waiting on a ride out of here

Monday, March 4, 2013

Different camera

  White Breasted Nuthatch
 I don't have a new camera yet but I  borrowed this one to see how it did.  Don't know maybe better than what I had.   Just a bunch of birds  as you can see I still have one robin  he never left the other are some where.   Seems odd that he would stay alone the other aren't here.  Thought maybe the Robin could find some worms but if we have more snow and ice he may have to go hide.

I do enjoy watching the birds  I have others but these were available to view.

Hope you all weather the storm our neighbor to the north may see a lot more than us.
Take care and stay safe, until next time.

Downy Woodpecker





Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rug Hooking

 Saturday was the annual Jean White Hook-In in Brown County at  the Season convention center off 46.  I don't know how many ladies were there quite a few.   Nice to be associated with these fine gals    We all have one thing in common we love to work with fabric.  If any of you are interested in rug hooking give me a call.

Beautiful day  sun shining not warm but we have the sun.   I hear we are going to get some snow this week Keep those shovel handy.  Stay safe

Fireplace at the Seasons hotel

 Welcome sign at the Dining Room