Monday, March 11, 2013

New bird at feeder

 This is the new visitor to my yard I have  about four different kinds of  woodpeckers.  I enjoy all of them but my wild cherry looks like it has a skin disease  they are always going up and down cleaning bugs, worms or what ever they can find.  I have painted him several times from a book now I have my own picture. 
Tomorrow I am going to the Flower and Patio show at the State Fair grounds it will be bright and full of flowers.   There are a lot of garden related items  like ponds and fire pits.  I just like the flower and all the flowering bulbs.
Barn report we are still have a couple a days  and will for at least another week or two.  I will put up some more pictures when the sun come out.
Take care and stay safe  drive carefully remember you are carrying precious cargo and you can't replace them.


  1. Love your pics and stories, thank you for keeping me in touch with home :)

  2. I have one more year on my work permit here. It is a good job, and I love the interesting people I meet. I don't think I could find a good job at home. But miss Indiana... I am coming home in June for a visit... we should get together!