Sunday, March 27, 2016

Second Chance for a Mom

 That sound odd but when you are raising animals anything can happen.    This little girl gets a new Mom,  this cow  had lost a set of twins  12 hours before.  The heifer calf that was left to fend for herself from the first set of twins has a new Mom.  Sometimes it is really trying 3 sets of twins in 10 days is a lot to deal with. We are glad to see her doing so well.

This is one of our old barns it has the stone wall in the back against the hill side  Used to be a horse barn and had living quarters on the second floor  Also has a hay loft  in the top of the barn. 

I am a happy heifer

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Run Away Mom

 We had our second set of twins in less that a week.  Run away Mom is the white face in these pictures. The calf below is the one that is being bottle fed by her  humans.  The cow above accepted her twins and was doing well we just wanted to make sure they stayed close by her and that we could keep an eye on her and the babies.

We have unrolled the center of a bale rather than burn it.  We burn the bottom or waste part of the bale because we will have a crop in this field this spring.  This is a winter pasture for our cows it is right behind our house and easy  to check  the animals

Run Away Mom  she has only one of the twins

Friday, March 11, 2016

Court House

 I love court houses  not to do business in but to look at and visit as an historical site.  This is Morgan County Courthouse and this is what I see out of my shop window.  I am on the west side of the courthouse square.  Berries and Ivy you can take a virtual tour just google us.
 Every farm need a sign or a warning on these pasture gate.  
                                                      This speaks for itself
Farm report:  keep having a few more calves each day.   I am glad the rain is light and the temperature stay above freezing.   Got new gravel on the drives was driving on sand thought I was in Georgia except it was brown and if I remember the last time I was there it was red sand.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Soybeans and Milk

 As a shop owner I am interested in promoting farming as an farmers wife.   These are soy candles the coffee is new for us to carry and the Cornbread and Honey is one of our customer favorite.   Speaking of Milk well I see where Liz Kelsey's family is going to have a Dairy Calf sale sometime real soon  just look them up on google you know you can find everything by going on google  such a service.

Farm report:  Moving grain from our farm to the manufacturers of other products starches and soybean meal, soy oil and then there is a byproduct that is fed to animals.  Speaking of animals we have a few more calves on the ground.  The weather is beautiful hope for more blue Skies.
Take care and have a great week

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cows Herd

These pictures are from our store called Berries and Ivy we now have a virtual tour of the store.  The store has been there 13 years but we have only been there 2 years.   We do have farm related home decor. 
Farm report  We now have our 5th calf on the ground so far so good.  These were some heifers we keep who calf  before the older cows calf. 

The weather is  starting to break but there has been more cloudy days than sunny. 
Take care and I will post again and not wait 7 months.