Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Never too Old

I was watching TV the other day and a news story got my attention. 
There is a lady name Ida and she is a Sprinter.  Age is 96 years young. 
Started running when she was 68 year young.  Her practice field is running the hallways
of her apartment building.  This is a story of inspiration for all of us that want to be fit.
Jeannie  thought maybe you would appreciate this story. Check out Jeannie at

I see more ice and snow outside thought we were on our way the SPRING!!!

 Maybe tomorrow

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Every store I have been in the last couple of weeks it is all about Valentine's Day

Today I baked some cookies with red sugar on them. Took a bag of they to my daughter so she and her family could enjoy them also. Since I enjoy baking it is nice to share with the family.
I finished my rug hooking project tonight. Now I have to get some binding or yarn to finish.

I have purchased some blue and white yarn to knit a scarf for the Super Bowl 2012. Anyone who would like to knit a scarf please go to Super Bowl 2012 Scarf and get the information or email me and I can get it for you. This will be a fun project.

Tuesday night I have signed up for a class on the Backyard Bird Count which is coming up real soon. I know several of the birds but thought I would take this workshop to refresh my counting. It will be fun. I have about 6 feeders around at different windows so that I may watch them. I also have a Cooper Hawk that waits on my little birds

Take care and enjoy the weather.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ann's Musings

I guess when I don't have any thing special to talk about it is  Ann's Musings

I have signed up for a class that  the Purdue Extension Office is presenting on Back to Basics
A Novice Guide to Farm Animals a 5 week course. It is on  sheep and goats,
cattle, horses, chickens and swine.  I think this is a good thing I don't know how many times people
want to know if we would sell them a calf.  And where are you going to raise this animal?

 Farm animals are cute when they are little but when they grow up they have their own personalities
just like humans. 
If you  want to cuddle a animal please get a dog or cat or maybe a rabbit.  They are becoming family pets.

We are sponsoring another Rug Hooking workshop  this time we are going to hook an Primitive house with
pine trees, moon and stars.  We have started a group on Thursday morning to work on our rugs and share ideas.

This weather is in a holding pattern just hope it holds til  SPRING
Stay warm and safe