Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Garden Show and More

 As you can see I have been a vendor at our local  Garden Show I am also an advanced Master Gardener and enjoyed it very much but I am a inactive member.    The gardeners sell pansy at the show that is their major fund raiser and I understand there are a few left just let me know if you want some.     They did well it was at a different location this year  I think everyone enjoyed the show.

I wanted to tell you about a book I got from the publisher the name is The Cut Flower Patch by Louise Curley.  I have enjoyed reading so far I found out there are some flowers that I cut are not the best for cutting like cone flower.   One of the flowers that is good to grow is Larkspurs  love their flower so I am sure going to plant some of them.  This will be a trial and error to get more flowers to cut.   I will give a report on the book as I move through it.

I have been busy buying a piece of downtown real estate.  I am excited as it is one of the building that will get a facelift.  I worked in this building for 11 years in the 1968/79 then it was Cure Furniture Store today it is Berries and Ivy Country Store.  There will be changes downtown as we move forward with the renovations grant that was a match for  the City of Martinsville,  the building owners and the great people who believe in our town.

Below is a red-bellied  woodpecker  I have 5 different kinds so I am always happy to see them.  It was so windy all afternoon wander he stayed there just hanging out looking around.