Friday, October 22, 2010

Gnomes are in Style

These little guys are my new project. Yes they start as a gourd and by using clay or quick wood they turn into fun creatures. I think children would love to play with clay and make some cute little fellows you can also make a snowman with a scarf and hat. This was a class I attended last week but didn't get posted without my camera battery. I got the battery.

We got done harvesting on Monday. Sure is nice never remember being done this early before but things are lined up to get done before winter.
The cows are in the fields around my house so I can view them from west and north windows so nice to see. Sure miss them when they are moved to another pasture. The corn field to the north is the winter pasture and calving area in the spring for the cows. Makes it easy to check on the girls.

The weather sure is nice for those still in the field
My son took the semi trailer to Ohio this morning and he saw 3 combines that had been in fires this fall. I hope we do get the rain before we have more field fires not much pasture left so corn field are being utilized for more hay.

Hope all had a good week and a family weekend planned

Always nice to see the FFA young folks out and learning new things. Hope they stay safe as well.

Just a reminder to all please get out and Vote

Until another day

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ann Musings

No pictures for me until I order or buy off the Internet a new battery for my old fashioned camera.
I know it is old but I can manage it. This weekend I took Jim's new camera to Corydon, In. I was at a Fiber Event and took several pictures. Got home and tried to send them to my pictures document and I am not sure where they went. I didn't erase them from the card but they never made it to the file I wanted them in. Aren't computers wonderful I will go back to my old way for awhile. I know some who read this blog will agree with me.

Last week was so busy so I didn't post. If you recall I was teaching a class on Monday all went well everyone finished their project and were happy with them.

Wednesday my daughter and granddaughter went to the Covered Bridge Festival for the flea market end of the festival. I always find collectibles for resale and items that I can paint a design for resale I like Roosters and there is always a picnic basket or an old can that needs to be repurposed

Have a great Monday I am going to vote today
Take care until next time

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Summer Sunflower

This is a picture of Summer Sunflower I entered it into the Fall Foliage Art show in Martinsville since it is ou Fifty something festival runs 4 days and tomorrow is the big parade very nice and a lot of fun for families A lot of food and some booths of everything we don't need.

I am going to donate this picture (that I got a blue ribbon on) to State Representative Ralph Foley from my district Every year I help him with a fund raiser at the Thomas Winery everyone seems to enjoy the fellowship, food and wine.
I am also his co campaign manager. He has made a good gentleman in the state house.

I am teaching a class in Indy on Monday so tomorrow I have to finish organizing what to take with me. Hope the class go off without a hitch.

Thanks for reading my Blog I enjoy sharing
Take care

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ann's Musing

Well it has been a busy week some times I am not sure if I am coming or going. WE are still running the combine 12 to 14 hours a day It is 9:30 and we are still in the field and it will be another hour or so it is the or so that can get to you. We are into taking 2 meals to the field every day maybe we need to put a refrigerator in the combine. Wander if JD has thought about that.
They could have their own meat mayo and bread that is all the guys need. We have been going since the first week of Sept. Not much in the way of a rain break. I hope we can get done and then it can rain. Since we have waited this long.
The pastures sure can use rain I was walking with the cows and calves the other night and they don't seem to mind at least it is cooler and we have been feeding hay since the end of Aug. We calf spring and fall and feed out our own calves this helps with rotating in the feed lot. .
Guess I had better call it a tonight Take care until we meet again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pet Blessing

I could post a picture of my dogs but I will leave them out of this story

Lana at Walking the off- beaten path talked about Blessing the animals. I was curious about this and found a article in my local newspaper last night.

For more than 12 years, St Mary's Episcopal Church in Martinsville have been offering pet blessing the first weekend of October as part of The Feast of St Francis of Assisi. The Feast celebrates the life of St Francis, a 12th century Catholic patron saint of all creatures, big and small

We are celebrating God's love for all animals with the blessing. And we are also acknowledging to renew our commitment to our animals.

The blessing lasts forever, but it can be renewed. This is also just a reminder that we are all stewards of God's animals.

Thank to Lana for bringing this story to the Blog as most of us have creatures Big and Small.

Take care until we talk again

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recycle Material Art Exhibit

Recycled we all hear about recycling papers, soda cans, composting just to name a few.

Art Sanctuary in Martinsville( decided to have a recycle exhibit. These are pictures of my recycled garden angel. She has a lot of reused things about her. The post is carved and I bought it at a flea market this summer. I plan on donating her for a fundraiser in October. Take care until tomorrow