Monday, October 18, 2010

Ann Musings

No pictures for me until I order or buy off the Internet a new battery for my old fashioned camera.
I know it is old but I can manage it. This weekend I took Jim's new camera to Corydon, In. I was at a Fiber Event and took several pictures. Got home and tried to send them to my pictures document and I am not sure where they went. I didn't erase them from the card but they never made it to the file I wanted them in. Aren't computers wonderful I will go back to my old way for awhile. I know some who read this blog will agree with me.

Last week was so busy so I didn't post. If you recall I was teaching a class on Monday all went well everyone finished their project and were happy with them.

Wednesday my daughter and granddaughter went to the Covered Bridge Festival for the flea market end of the festival. I always find collectibles for resale and items that I can paint a design for resale I like Roosters and there is always a picnic basket or an old can that needs to be repurposed

Have a great Monday I am going to vote today
Take care until next time

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  1. How is your daughter doing? I should have you shop for me! I have a completely bare front porch, and I am starting to think I should be embarrassed about that. It needs a more welcoming makeover. Maybe I will work on that this winter and have a coming out party in the spring! Too much going on on the inside right now! Guess the pumpkins will just have to look extra cute once we get them carved! ;-)