Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hay and Straw

 I posted in my last blog a few days ago about the straw we put in the barn?  There are no stupid questions in farming.  Not everyone knows how we put up hay and straw.  I have taken these pictures today to explain what we do when I said putting up straw.  Today was a hay day.

The tractor above has a square baler behind you run it down a wind row it is picked up by the baler run through it and out comes a bale of hay even tied with 2 strings. A square bale weighs around 50 to 60 pounds

 Moving on this is a round baler also pulled by a tractor that makes the big round bales they weigh around 1400 to 1500 pounds.  It was teeth in front that picks up the hay runs it through and out comes the bale tied with surface wrap

These are wind rows the farmer used a rake that is pulled by the tractor, that rakes it into these rows so the balers can pick it up.  The hay in the beginning is cut by a hay bind that cuts it and lays it flat  this has to cure a few days need lots of sun and good weather, then it is raked the rest is explained above.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wheat Harvest

Wheat Harvest seem to happen on the hottest days of the year.  If I am not mistaken it was 97 degrees and 97% humidity my guys walked the fields and picked up all of the straw.  I was the driver easy compared to what they did.   We use it in the barns so the calves have a dry place to lay down especially when it is wet and in winter weather.  We have round baled some to unroll for the cows that are  out on pasture.  Just another day in the life of a farmer.  God gave us a great day to unload.
We got 2.97 inches of rain last week and the next day it was all gone that is how dry it has been. 
I prefer this weather we had today. Take care until next time
This is Zues just part of the family

Unloading today so much cooler

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Surprise Church Bus

 Sometimes we wonder what goes on while we sleep.  When your  pot of flowers is thrown out all over the ground?  You can guess about that one.  But when the fire department comes to put out a fire in a Soybean field that is just not right.  The poor church lost their bus because someone wanted to take a joy ride   But why set it on fire???    Pray for the Church that they may find another bus.
Have a good week we will talk again!
These photos were from Suzie Grenier Rayl face book post

They buried this bus

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wondering Coyoye or Wild Dog??

 Went down in the bottom ground to check out sighting of animals thought it was a fox but no one was sure.  Took camera and field glasses and this is what we found.  Not sure about the mounds are they from the coyote pup or if it is a fox's den there are 2 different ones.  Is the pup hungry and looking for food.

 This is my hound dog she will chase anything.  And Bentley will sit and wait on her to come back to the house.  Keeps a close eye on her.  They were a mating couple until I got them.  No more puppies.  They do everything together going on 7 years old.


On the move

Friday, June 3, 2016


 Farm Bureau had there ice cream social last night.  It is always fun to fellowship with all our agriculture friends  we have a common bond.  Tonight it was at a farm near Monrovia where the family collect tractors, trucks and other vehicles. 
The ice cream, pies, cookies and cakes were a real hit.   Thank You Farm Bureau for sponsoring a great evening.

Farm report:  Making Hay while the sun shines.  Cutting pastures so we can find the calves. And hauling grain to the city.  Some areas around us got 3 inches of rain  in 45 minutes that is a lot of rain.
Praying for the folks in Texas    Take care until next time