Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Flowers

 I always plant sunflowers all kinds I have some big ones that haven't even bloomed  hope they finish before frost.   This week the State Fair will start getting animals in for showing. Our county fair is also starting  this weekend   The State Fair dates are Aug 5 through the 21 The theme is  celebrating Indiana Bi-Centennial
The hummers are still having fun

I also have lots of phlox and it does draw in the butterflies 

This is Joe-Pye weed I bought at Eco-Logic  all of the plants have grown and are blooming

Swamp Milkweed  I haven't seen a monarch yet this year I believe it was the end of August last year when they arrived here

This is a surprise Lily sometimes called naked lady  I saw her foliage earlier in the year now she makes a appearance all the foliage is gone

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


 Every year I feed the hummingbirds and enjoy watching them.   Sometimes they get mean to each other as was today but then they settle down and have a drink and all is good.    

He was guarding the feeder not sure why there is plenty for all of them.

Farm report  Crops are coming right along  Some of the hay has had a second cutting. 
Cows and calves are doing good.  Took a trailer load of fats to Rockville, In. got a few left in the feed lot.  The rain is something we needed before the heat returned.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Until next time stay safe