Friday, August 31, 2012


 I know it has been awhile since I have blogged but with the State Fair and then I took off to Virginia with my Daughter and Granddaughter.  We went on a girl trip so I could paint with my favorite National Decorative Artist, we painted for 3 days while my family went shopping and wine tasting I was told there 15 wineries in the area.   Beautiful area  we were about 20 miles west of D.C. Below is one of the pieces I painted while there. Still working on the other piece.
Some of my class mates decided to meet for an evening of conversation and some good food.  They don't look very excited  but the conversation did pick a little later. My sister came in from Palo Alto Ca the other night and she will be here until the 10th of Sept.  

This is a Rosemary West folk art design and the class was held the Pampered Palette in Gainesville Virginia.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Barn and Saying Goodbye

This is where they are rebuilding the feed bunk.  This is the barn that the weaned calves go so they can be checked and are hand feed

They are rebuilding both outside walls with concrete walls about 3 feet.  This is the east wall

West wall  sure will be nice when done

Maybe old but very strong sure worth a little refurbishing

This is the goodbye part of the story  A neighbor who was very active in 4-H  FFA  Antique Machinery
Very active in church and community, was a  close neighbor and friend.  A Retired State Policeman  an aggressive cancer took his life the 1st of the week.  Today the funeral passed by  his tractors  along the state Hwy 67 headed to his final resting place in Stendal In.   Rod you will be missed.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Barn Report

This is the next barn to get some repairs.    It doesn't take long when you have 5 fellows all work at different jobs.   So far I think it has gone smoothly with no big glitches.   I am going to rug hook in the Pioneer Village at the State Fair tomorrow with 3 other from our store.    We meet on Sat from 10 to 12   Bring your rug and come join us  28 N Main Street Martinsville Indiana     Until next time enjoy this cooler temperature  just wish it could stay

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Going Going Gone

 This is the Silo that I mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago.  It came down the other day.  They are still working on the barn.  Kind of sad to see a piece of history leave our farm.  At one time they did milk some cows here. Take care.  We are still waiting on that rain not enough to wet the drive way.
 My sister asked me what a silo was made of  here is the answer looks like stepping stones but these have a tongue and grove  that attached them together.    There were the metal bands around that were tightened down to hold it together.  The blocks were only 4 or so inches I thought they would be thicker.
There was a small room next to the silo that the farmer would work out of  8 by 8 every ring of the silo had one of these doors to unload silage.  This was definitely an old silo  This room was attached to the barn

You can see it goes to the top

The Gentleman said you knock out the bottom blocks and she will go

I think he was right   They removed 4 or 5 blocks with slug hammers