Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Barn and Saying Goodbye

This is where they are rebuilding the feed bunk.  This is the barn that the weaned calves go so they can be checked and are hand feed

They are rebuilding both outside walls with concrete walls about 3 feet.  This is the east wall

West wall  sure will be nice when done

Maybe old but very strong sure worth a little refurbishing

This is the goodbye part of the story  A neighbor who was very active in 4-H  FFA  Antique Machinery
Very active in church and community, was a  close neighbor and friend.  A Retired State Policeman  an aggressive cancer took his life the 1st of the week.  Today the funeral passed by  his tractors  along the state Hwy 67 headed to his final resting place in Stendal In.   Rod you will be missed.


  1. Pretty nice post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really liked reading your posts.

  2. Sorry for your loss! Looked around for you at the State Fair, but we were so crazy everywhere, I probably could have flown right by you! Love the barn shots. Old barns are like dinosaurs these days, and I will be very sad when the day comes that I don't see one around the farms in our area.

    1. Lana
      I read your blog this morning I enjoyed the trip through the fair I am out there a lot but don't get to see everything am in and out the bldgs but don't stay long enough to see everything I will post the barns again as they are almost done Just love old barns also