Sunday, March 8, 2015

Calving Season

Most cattlemen  have a lot of the same problems.  For this farm we would always have to move by Gator or carry a  slow moving calf and her Mommy across another grass pasture and then through the corner of my  yard and cross the county road.    A couple of years ago they came up with building this pen to corral them, bring in the trailer and load them up.  Does a great job when the ground is frozen.  We have just started to calf in this back pasture and will continue for 30 to 45 days depending on how well the bulls did their job.

Still don't know anything about the heifer they tell me she is getting closer everyday.  This is our way of  life everyday cows are our business now and all year long.

The weather is going to get better each day  hang on I think spring is just around the corner.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Birds and Flowers

 A year ago I wrote about this little guy because I was worried about the red on his back side.   After reading just the other day I found out those are his red feathers and that is what makes him a Purple Finch.  Problem solved
This orchid decided to bloom for Valentines Day.  I received it on Valentines Day 5 years ago and it has only bloomed 3 times he thinks he is a biennial plant and he maybe but I have had some that bloom every year.
Farm report  We have number 11 tag on my kitchen table  you know every thing is done on the kitchen table even marking cattle tags.   We have a Heifer in the barn that Mike swears is going to have twins.  Jim says she is  a day late because he knew when she was breed.  OK the story is to be continued maybe the rain will start her labor. I always said when the barometric pressure drops we have calves, that is when it rains and snows so the story goes

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sure sign of spring

 This little bird is a sure sign of spring.  I saw him trying to dig in the snow and ice below my bird feeder he got a real surprise.  I couldn't shovel the snow myself  as the saying goes  hard as ice I was sure he couldn't.  I did put some seeds out for him on a board.   Every year he comes to visit I hope he makes it through this cold spell.  Minus 10 this morning and now it is 29 above

I am going to an I69 meeting this evening at the high school.  Just to see what is being said don't know if they have any maps of the alternate routes but I am a bit curious since we are near the 67 and 39 junction.  I always thought I would be too old to drive on the new  highway but they are going pretty fast with the construction.  I may just have to take Old 37 to Bloomington  it is a pretty drive by the forestry and the small lake, not too many people travel that way, leave the highway for all the truckers that are suppose to use it from Mexico to Canada

Farm report:  believe we have had some heifers calving about 9 of them  we have a few more to go then the cows start.   We have been praying for them to hold off until the weather breaks so far so good.
The guys are clearing out fence rows and tree lines.  Mike saw the Eagle in the river bottoms but last years nest is gone and there is a huge one in an old Oak tree not to far from where the old nest was. So what happened to the old nest,  did they move it,   did a storm with high winds destroy it just curious??
Does anyone follow the same eagles to know what they do??  Driving down 67 south of the light saw 2 of them fighting locked together in free fall thought they would hit my car I had slowed down,  they broke apart then flew away.
This is an Orchard Oriole or an American Redstart  the redstart is suppose to have a white breast which this has

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold Weather

Goldfinch sometimes called wild canary is a female or male in winter outfit
 Happy New Year so far so good  I know it is cold but remember the snow from the last couple of years was no fun.  It is dry or sort of the ground is hard and no mud except in certain areas where the cattle keep it stirred up.  I have been going out with my 2 little dogs and they enjoy the snow  at night is the quietest the wind is calm and it seems warmer.  
I am going to sign off stay warm and take care until we talk again.
I try to keep sunflower seed out at different locations around our house.  We had a Hawk come by the other day he wants birds for his food   

Purple finch

Friday, December 19, 2014


Male Hairy Woodpecker
 This cold spell has brought out all the pretty birds and then some not so pretty birds but since God put them here I shall feed them right along with the others.    I hate to say it but the Hawks will always pick on the ones with colorful feathers every notice a pile of red feathers laying in your yard?
Our little dogs are doing fine had them neutered last week,  they will run through the house at 30 miles an hour just better get out of the way.
The cows are on their winter pasture and the heifers are on the west side pasture outside my kitchen window.  Great view never get tired of watching them.
Sounds like we may have a white Christmas nice to see flurries sometime that day.

Merry Christmas and take care and be nice to others.

Monday, December 15, 2014

New Windows

 These are pictures of the new windows that are going in our building in downtown Martinsville.  There are seven buildings that are part of a grant to replace the facade.
For our store I am sure we will have lower energy use.  We had large plate glass windows and you could feel the cold in the winter  and heat in the summer.   It will be beautiful to see the finished buildings.  I hope you will come to town and see the change.
Take care Merry Christmas if I don't get back on before next week