Friday, July 11, 2014

Wheat Harvest continues

This goes in the barn to be used inside.
As I said wheat harvest continues but we are rolling up straw to be used as  bedding in the fields where our cows will be calving next winter.  The extreme weather we went through last winter makes a farmer want more for the cows and their calves.  This last year we had some corn stalks we rolled a couple of years ago and that worked better than a foot of snow.  Just unroll and you give them a blanket  of dry bedding. 
We are cutting and baling more hay for this winter.  All the crops are looking good so far but until the fat lady sings or the combine rolls you never know.
The weather is great for all the county fairs that are going on around Indiana go and enjoy; help support 4-H
Until we talk again, be kind to each other.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Wheat Harvest to everything there is a season

 Wheat harvest in full swing we mainly raise wheat for the straw but it is another cash crop. Then we either double crop soybeans, or this year one of the fields will be planted in hay come fall. 

 With a wheat crop comes the straw and what better weather then what we are experience right now, but I have seen years that  you could cook an egg on the hood of the truck pulling the trailer.  We had some great help last night hope they will hang out for a couple of days. 
This straw will be used for bedding in our barns.  We have a small feed lot for our own calves and they need a dry place to lay in rainy seasons or snow in the winter.  The straw is unloaded into the barns for later use

While we were loading the trailers my grandson mentioned that with all the moderization in farming this is still the way used unless you want to use a pitch fork and a wagon
Thank God for all the weather either good or bad the rain has been plentiful so far this year and I acknowledge those who have had some wind damage maybe you will still have a crop to sell.
We are celebrating the 4th of July with family gatherings either work or play, time spent together.
Take care and be nice to each other

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time to Garden

This was our first week as owners of Berries and Ivy County Store we have a face book page stop by and like our page and say HI our Open house is June 28 thru July 5 closed July 4                             Farm report:    Got a lots of hay up over the last couple of weeks.  Still having a few calves.    Corn is looking good the cold weather sort of cause some yellowing but it is off and running.  I thought the wheat look like it was trying to turn  but it is getting close to the 4th time to combine wheat and bale straw.  Beautiful weather we are having  enjoy it the next few days.   Take care and stay safe


I replanted the spots that didn't come up  We had a hard rain after I planted these

I have eyed these 2 tubs thought about taking them to the store but I would had to get the guys to move them.     So I told them to move them to my garden  and put some dirt in so I can plant my potatoes. And of course they laughed at me.  One red and one white potatoes  there is a drain hole at one end

Milk weed for the Monarchs

Sorry to say but the Mother bird never show up these are probably a month old

Sweet potatoes long time since I grew  them my MIL always planted sweet potatoes

Something has attacked this tomato plant  didn't see any worms Wondering can they be slugs???

Always have to grow sunflowers

Old cook stove for sale

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summertime--Ice Cream

 It has been a while since I have blogged but I really am very busy trying to get our new store filled with new merchandise just for our customers.
These pictures are of the Ozark Fisheries operation.    Farm Bureau members toured one of the fish farms and we had our ice cream social  and resolutions meeting
These pictures tell a story and I will write under some of them.  Ozark has been raising gold fish since the early 1900  They have a lot of experience doing just that.  Joe the grandson of the Farmer  who started this operation was our tour guide.  They sell millions of fish and they were in all sizes. 

These are interesting as this  is what the female lays her eggs in and then they are put in containers that are temperature controlled and  the oxygen checked every 3 hours.  At least we don't check the cows that often

Sunday, May 11, 2014


 This is our new venture Debbie and I will take over Berries and Ivy as of the 1st of June. We are located 28 N Main St west side of the courthouse square in Martinsville  In.   We are excited about this.  Marylou the familiar face you see at the front desk will still be there with her smiling face and personable way. 
We will carry a lot of the same great merchandise that you are used to seeing  and we are adding some new lines.  We look forward to serving our customers and hope we see new ones.  We have Yankee candles, and Keeper of the Light, Willow ,  curtains, rugs.  Also those great Black signs, lighted pictures, pillows and reproduction furniture.
If you see construction in front just come on in.    We are part of a grant for the downtown revitalization will blog when we get pictures starting in about 2 weeks.
Come by and say Hi,   Roberta will be around she isn't moving away.  Wants to spend more time with family.

Farm report  just about finished the corn planting but we have a weather report of several days  of occasional rain  through this coming week.    We had  .50 and .75 last night   As they work the fields the dust rolls so it is getting real dry.   Cows are doing well.   Breeding a few heifers for next year. 
Garden report  my green beans are about 2 inches tall and the weather man said something about chance of snow at the end of the week  sure hope he is wrong.  Planted potatoes in two old cast iron bathtubs. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Moving Slow

I have been off line since last Wed. with only an I-pad and didn't realized how much I missed my computer to be able to print or save, put pictures up Just plain missed it.  I have some pictures of why I will show in a day or two. I also have some pictures of the bldg I purchased in Martinsville, In.  on the west side of the square.  This bldg is part of the Rediscover Martinsville facade program and they will start tearing up the bldg to eventually make it look beautiful  Our windows are very large plate glass and we will have 5 windows  I will see if I can down load a drawing from the construction plan.
This is another beautiful day  we are going to go back to planting corn.   We finished up with the anhydrous  the guys use N-serve  and there clothes stink when they come home it would open your sinus.   All part of being a farm wife wouldn't trade it for any other life style.  Take care and be kind to each other quote from my Mom.     Happy Mothers  to all Moms             

 I am surprised I have 2 females thought I would have a male first.   Am I wrong in my thinking?  Just glad they are here such fun to watch as they fly by my head

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coliseum Returns

 I was at the lights out a few months back and was so excited to come back and see the Coliseum return to a beautiful and also handsome place for all to enjoy.  Cindy Hoye was the master of ceremony did a great job as she always does.  Andre Lacy who is Chairman of the Commission  had lots of memories to share about the great experiences he had growing up in such a noble building.  To walk in there today was heart warming.    In one of the pictures you see a section of bleachers that were the old ones made new by refinishing  I sat on one and it felt very comfortable.  I am glad they decided to save some of them.  I live in a house that is over 100 years old we have done some things to up date it but I love it because it has character.   Sorry for the light reflection in the pictures it was bright inside the coliseum. 
This is for you Keith I will try and Blog more often I am glad you share my stories.