Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The View from my Window

This is the view from my kitchen window.  Sometimes they come early in the season.  Sometimes there are cow calf pairs and sometimes there are heifers.  I enjoy all of them. 
The County Fair is going on most of the show that involve 4-H were moved to the first part of the week because of school starting.
We have had a second cutting of hay baled and in the barn.  One thing this rain does is make hay grow should be a good year for those who have to buy hay. 
The Great Indiana State Fair starts this Friday always exciting time for all who participate and our visitors.
Tomorrow I will take several gourds to the FFA Country Market for them to sell and then share the profits with the members that way we both win.
Better go take my canine for their walk.  Take care maybe we will meet at the fair

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Flowers

Well we survived the monsoon  this last month.   Oh we are in Indiana not the Indian ocean.  We are like all those who were under water  didn't get a field or 2 planted the White River is finally back in its banks at least at our farm. We need to remember God is in control the last time I checked. Had to write about these flowers they are beautiful but also intoxicating to walk through them.  My phlox usually gets mildew this year I started thinning it early and what is left is beautiful and no mildew.  I have started milkweed seeds to grow some plants and with the cold weather and rain they are just now coming up   I have roadside milkweed but these are different and the monarchs love them they are perennial so once I get them started I hope they will return
Enough for now I know I have been absent maybe I can work on that I am on facebook but I don't twitter and all the rest of that media
Enjoy this beautiful weather  and take care

Sunday, June 28, 2015


 I know they are cute to watch play but they are planting all my gardens even vegetables garden with sunflower seeds    Last winter Jim would put out ears of corn that he picked up in the field or would use to check for moisture.  I have now greased the poles going to the feeders so I am anxious to see what will happen.
Love this cooler weather but not all the rain.  We have some lakes like a lot of other farmers.  We are thinking about the replant but the river need to go down  this is the second time in a week this time it is bigger and will do more damage.
Have a good week and take care

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


 Bats are part of the I69 highway study.  This is the 3rd time the biologist have come to visit our farm to see what bats we may have living here.  As you can see they carry nets in those containers on top of their truck.  The nets are raised in the air on both sides of the creek to catch the bats.  They band them check their sex and I believe they weigh  and record their species.  I watched the first year they were here I found it very interesting.  Bats are insect eaters and will consume 1/3 of their body weight in insects every night.  The biologist  will follow the bats for a few days with a radar system to find out where they are living.  I used to have one living in my garage attic I only would go up there during the day he would just stay put hanging on the rafters.
This is where they did their work

Installing the nets it was getting dark

Thursday, May 28, 2015

US 40 Sale

 Yes this is the weekend of the great US 40 sale the longest sales in miles that is  I started at Plainfield and went west.  This fellow I ran into walking his goat down 40  and since I was curious about why  I had to stop and talk to him.  Thought it would make a good story  He has been on the road since May 2 2012 and his destination is New York City  He has a story if you go to Website www.needle2square.com you can find out a lot more . 
We got all our crops in but need rain to activate the chemicals to keep the weeds down.  I have read that  north and south was too wet to plant we have been dry for a while.  Praying for RAIN
All is well keeping busy.   Next we will be cutting hay  nothing smells better than new mowed hay.  One of the reason I love to farm.
Take care be good to each other.
This photo I took today on US 40 feeding the goat a cupcake

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Corn or Milk

I am not worried about the name of this snake but I smelled something different around where I keep the dog food.  It is what I called a wild smell.  I found some small 1 inch of Poop on the rug under the dog food container and couldn't figure who might of done that?   I ask Hubby he agrees it wasn't a mouse.  I ask him if he could pull out the refrigerator and he obliged.  Nothing to see Jim went in the other room  I screamed and a foot of this snake was crawling from under my refrig.   Well my grandson likes snakes so as I am standing on a chair I called and said I have a snake in my kitchen.   After some searching the area under my dishwasher and cabinets  he came out with this snake.   No I didn't sleep very well  was on the look out for another one.  I hope this is the end of the story.
Take care and watch where you walk

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day

 Since today was Mothers Day  I figured my son was running the sprayer and that is one piece of equipment I haven't ridden  in so I ask if there was room for 2 and he said yes.  I am sure he didn't know I was going to blog about this ride.   We came after weeds and there is a picture of them.  My surprise was the Auto Tracking  I had  heard talk about it but hadn't seen it, so it was something new to learn.  Farming has changed so much in the last 5 years but like everything else I am sure it will continue to change.
We are suppose to have a great weather this  week, I hope you all get to enjoy.    Take care and be careful 
Auto Tracking  it follow the straight line it will come around until it is straight.   It knows where it has been 

These are the weeds that were sprayed this will be a Soybean field

Coming home