Monday, March 20, 2017

Sharp eye

 This fellow has a sharp eye and catches my birds.  You can tell when he is around  the birds make an exit and wait until he is gone.  Sometimes it is hours.  One day a squirrel almost ran into him on the ground that would have been a sight to see, not sure who would have won that battle

 The Blue Jay only comes by in the early morning and will eat on the ear of corn that I have out for the squirrels so they won't eat the sunflowers seed  it is a battle, some days he wins.  Not sure how many there are.
This is one of my favorite birds to watch.   It was storming when I took these pictures and he would look around when he heard the thunder and rain would hit him in the head but he never stopped eating.
Farm report:  Yes we have been busy with calving  not sure of the number but there are several little calves  on the ground running around in the pasture neighbors love to stop and watch. 
Looks like the rain has passed through and maybe we have a third of a inch all rain is welcome in small  amounts as I think we need more moisture in the ground. 
Until we talk again  Be safe

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


 In the decorating world  Farmhouse is the buzz word.  Not everyone is going to change but you might like a picture or two to change up your look.   Take the virtual tour of our store  Berries and Ivy

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wildlife to enjoy

Been quite some time since I have been on here.  The birds help feed the squirrels and then the hawks helps himself to the birds.  Gods plan I guess they all get to eat that way.  I started it all by putting out feed  I can't stop now I have been feeding the birds for years.  
All the crops are in and the cattle worked ready for this winter.  The cows are in the field behind our house where they will spend their time until spring.   Just thought I would drop in maybe be back again take care.

Friday, October 21, 2016

FFA Visit

 We had a group of FFA students from N Caroline.  Their event in the county was canceled because of weather.  They stopped by and also visited the Candy Kitchen  We were happy to have them

Farm report: we are like all farmers in our area too wet to work the last few days.  They were able to work the weaned calves they get shots for deceases like Black leg etc.
We need some drying days so we can finish beans.  We will move on to corn and knock out some of those acres.  Take care until next time

Friday, October 14, 2016

Paying Back

 This story is about Steve Cooper, he is 7773 Foundation was passing through Martinsville, In. on Wed of this week.  He was here to promote his Foundation and work with everyone.   He is dribbling a basketball across the US  from California to New York and wants to be there by 9-11.  While here he did meet up with folks at Butler and was headed to the Speedway the next day.  I wanted to get this out before now but I am glad some of you will meet up with the great human being he is.   He is doing awesome  work to help all people.  If you see him say Hi,   I wish him Gods speed and take care Steve. 
I took these pictures at night this is his transportation and he also has a car  

Steve Cooper  Look him 7773 Foundation  I hope some of you will get to connect with him

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Changing Seasons

 Fall is my favorite season  wish  the temperature was fall all the time.  I know since I am part of a farming family those hot summer degree days are critical to our crop production.
Since it was cooler yesterday I needed to cut off and remove lots of my plants that had over grown their space. 

Farm Report:   Have been in the field several days, had a few hiccups as always, moving right along  Planted some grass in the hay fields,   worked cattle and weaned some calves.  Just staying with the program.  Take care until we talk again 
Old John Deere planter box

New area I planted this spring.

Question  Have any of you saved Hydrangea blooms  my are just blooming  a little late, I think????

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


 I always like to plant sunflowers.    They make you smile but the birds like them even more.  At this stage I guess the seeds are softer than when they dry out.   The birds hang upside down to eat from the sunflowers
The rain we had a week or so ago  was so great for the crops we got 4 or so inches in 4 days   As I write this it is thundering out side
Stay safe  until next time
Lost a couple in the storm last week

In the back ground is 3 bittersweet shrubs   Hoping to have some to sell in the shop.

The reason for planting sunflowers

My new bubble fountain   It has drawn lots of attention.