Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Garden Show and More

 As you can see I have been a vendor at our local  Garden Show I am also an advanced Master Gardener and enjoyed it very much but I am a inactive member.    The gardeners sell pansy at the show that is their major fund raiser and I understand there are a few left just let me know if you want some.     They did well it was at a different location this year  I think everyone enjoyed the show.

I wanted to tell you about a book I got from the publisher the name is The Cut Flower Patch by Louise Curley.  I have enjoyed reading so far I found out there are some flowers that I cut are not the best for cutting like cone flower.   One of the flowers that is good to grow is Larkspurs  love their flower so I am sure going to plant some of them.  This will be a trial and error to get more flowers to cut.   I will give a report on the book as I move through it.

I have been busy buying a piece of downtown real estate.  I am excited as it is one of the building that will get a facelift.  I worked in this building for 11 years in the 1968/79 then it was Cure Furniture Store today it is Berries and Ivy Country Store.  There will be changes downtown as we move forward with the renovations grant that was a match for  the City of Martinsville,  the building owners and the great people who believe in our town.

Below is a red-bellied  woodpecker  I have 5 different kinds so I am always happy to see them.  It was so windy all afternoon wander he stayed there just hanging out looking around.   

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunshine and Robin's

 The first Robin at our  house  I am glad maybe only 2 more weeks of winter.  And there is my 11 year old dog Spankie.     He can't hear or see very well but he finds his way to this dog pad that sits in front of my garage  it is very warm.  It is a beautiful day and we should all enjoy.    Have a great weekend until next time

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birding again

I am glad to see the weather break but all our side ditches are full of water.  One of these days the weather will change will we be ready??  Can't wait I am ready 
Farm report slow the elevator cancelled our loads for this week.   I think we had another calf pretty 
quiet.   Take care until we meet again.  

Red Finch   he is back

The cardinal is back at the window you can see it was snowing and cold

The bird  has a lot of feathers missing and it has been this way for 2 months all through the freeze maybe some one can tell what may have caused this  .Joni James my go to gal knows all things about birds

Red-Bellied Woodpecker  male

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cardinal and one Red Tulip

 This cardinal came to visit at my kitchen window on a sunny afternoon and I had to take his picture,    he is beautiful.  The bad news is I found one in the snow dead and a week before that I found 4 small birds dead at another feeding area  not sure why they died.  I have 3 areas where I feed the birds to cut down on the fighting. 

This was my birthday present from last year.  My daughter gave me a pot of tulips they were so pretty and smelled good.  After they died back I took them out of the pot and hung they in the basement to dry. 
Then in November  I repotted them and placed them in the refrigerator to chill for 6 weeks.  After that  brought them out to warm up and this one is the first of 4 that  will bloom.
Farm report:  we have 2 calves in the barn borne to heifers,  for those who don't know a heifer is a termed used to describe a female cow  who has not had a calf before.  I sure am hoping for no more sub zero  temperatures.   The sunshine is great if we could have some everyday it would be wonderful.  
  Take care, until we meet again be careful and be kind to each other.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not finished yet

The person will be sucked into the grain
We will continue to raise money to get the training and  ropes and harness to get these fire fighters certified.  We are not the only occupation that uses rope rescue or confined space rescue.  Companies that do plastic injection molding  and company that handles flour or powders. 
If you know of someone that can help us get this training or your company does such training please contact us
All is well on the farm wanting the snow to melt as we will start calving soon  frozen ground  is better than snow.  We have been known to unroll corn stalks for bedding  just being a farmer and taking care of the animals.  Until we talk again take care and be safe

He is in up to his waist in corn

They are sliding the tube that comes in 4 parts around the person sucked into the grain

They  fasten the tube and start removing the grain from around his body

The grain bin that is used for this training This is the top of semi

Hydraulics  cylinder to raise the top frame as seen below

These instructors are fire fighters when not on the road  Nice rig