Monday, March 20, 2017

Sharp eye

 This fellow has a sharp eye and catches my birds.  You can tell when he is around  the birds make an exit and wait until he is gone.  Sometimes it is hours.  One day a squirrel almost ran into him on the ground that would have been a sight to see, not sure who would have won that battle

 The Blue Jay only comes by in the early morning and will eat on the ear of corn that I have out for the squirrels so they won't eat the sunflowers seed  it is a battle, some days he wins.  Not sure how many there are.
This is one of my favorite birds to watch.   It was storming when I took these pictures and he would look around when he heard the thunder and rain would hit him in the head but he never stopped eating.
Farm report:  Yes we have been busy with calving  not sure of the number but there are several little calves  on the ground running around in the pasture neighbors love to stop and watch. 
Looks like the rain has passed through and maybe we have a third of a inch all rain is welcome in small  amounts as I think we need more moisture in the ground. 
Until we talk again  Be safe

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