Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hummers and Sunflowers

 These hummers are always on the move while I was taking the picture I was about 3 ft and they were whizzing around just was hoping they didn't run into me.
There were four of them that would grab a drink and fly away

Sunflower that has very few seeds left see below

Bee getting the pollen

love these sunflowers 2 ft tall assorted colors the birds like the seed heads

Look who is eating my sunflower seed.   Refilled the feeder but I feel they will continue because they are softer this picture was taken from inside so that is the reason for the color  as the one below.

I have several new plants that I hope will mature and produce a head so they will have more fresh seeds
The State Fair will start this week it is exciting but also a lot of work   I will have several painted gourds in the FFA bldg at their Country Store.   They have a nice Country Store if you have time to stop in and look around.
 Love this cooler weather suppose to get more rain this week
Farm report   Baling more hay got a couple of 100 square bales for the barns.  Bush hogging around fields and spraying some weeds. Pastures are still in good shape,  Indiana crops look healthy and we are getting that needed rain.
Take care and stay safe.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Things of summer

 I had to do something so I took my camera out for a stroll around the yard.  Get restless when it is nice out and it doesn't get dark until 10:00.    In the winter there are a few TV shows I watch but not this time of the year.  The butterflies are showing sign of broken body parts their tails and wings are damaged.  The sunflowers are beautiful always plant some for the birds. 

I know, he is back but he is eating with the doves off the ground.    I was mowing down the road at the other farm and one got hit was in the tire track where people will run over him and in a few days it would be a grease spot.    I have to move them out of the way all animals  if I can I will move them to the side in the weeds.  I carry a few plastic bags to move them. The vulture will find them just part of the food chain..

The hummers are busy from morning til night  the same with the butterflies.

A perfect one no missing parts

Butterfly bushes are growing as tall as I have seen them I guess it is the weather.  Any one who would be interested please email me as I have too many but I won't kill them.

My tree is losing its leaves don't see any bugs maybe its  the weather combined with last year drought.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How does your garden grow part 2

 Like everyone's garden at some point  really take off.  My green beans are doing just that even my second planting has small beans on them.  So a lot of picking will take place over the next week.  Everyone will enjoy some homegrown vegetables.   I see sweet corn is in all the farm stands around here.  I say it is July and time for sweet corn in Indiana one of the favorite.  We did build raised beds this year and I think they are getting pretty dry maybe I will run the soaker hose tonight.  We  are in need of some rain maybe the field corn will dig deeper for water with all the rain I feel they are shallow rooted which isn't good if a high wind blows in and knocks it over which happened in Northern Indiana last week.  I will leave you with take care and have a safe week.

picked 2 containers in a 3 ft row

second planting

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Tiger Swallowtail

I have never appreciated Hostas until today maybe because of the rain and cooler temperatures they are lovely.  The wire is called dog proof 

This is the bird feeder spot but I planted most of these

Milkweed for the Monarch transplanted from the road side before they got mowed off last year

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

He's Back

He is back but not on the feeders  Poor little guy is eating with the doves as a ground eater.  He was on  the old clothes line pole near the feeders but couldn't get to them.  I wanted to take his picture on the pole, it was moving and he was fighting to stay up there.
I went into the front of the house about a hour later he was below feeders digging a hole and taken food out and eating it.  This is where he had buried it before. As you can see he has a audience.
One thing I have noticed a lot of the  song birds, woodpeckers are coming back to the feeder.   I made a batch of suet for them as the last time I bought  suet cakes there was  corn and a lot of seeds.   The cowbirds and starlings sure eat me out of house and home as the saying goes. Keeping the camera ready for the next shot.
Have a great 4th and stay safe