Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How does your garden grow part 2

 Like everyone's garden at some point  really take off.  My green beans are doing just that even my second planting has small beans on them.  So a lot of picking will take place over the next week.  Everyone will enjoy some homegrown vegetables.   I see sweet corn is in all the farm stands around here.  I say it is July and time for sweet corn in Indiana one of the favorite.  We did build raised beds this year and I think they are getting pretty dry maybe I will run the soaker hose tonight.  We  are in need of some rain maybe the field corn will dig deeper for water with all the rain I feel they are shallow rooted which isn't good if a high wind blows in and knocks it over which happened in Northern Indiana last week.  I will leave you with take care and have a safe week.

picked 2 containers in a 3 ft row

second planting

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