Tuesday, July 2, 2013

He's Back

He is back but not on the feeders  Poor little guy is eating with the doves as a ground eater.  He was on  the old clothes line pole near the feeders but couldn't get to them.  I wanted to take his picture on the pole, it was moving and he was fighting to stay up there.
I went into the front of the house about a hour later he was below feeders digging a hole and taken food out and eating it.  This is where he had buried it before. As you can see he has a audience.
One thing I have noticed a lot of the  song birds, woodpeckers are coming back to the feeder.   I made a batch of suet for them as the last time I bought  suet cakes there was  corn and a lot of seeds.   The cowbirds and starlings sure eat me out of house and home as the saying goes. Keeping the camera ready for the next shot.
Have a great 4th and stay safe

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