Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barn Report and more

 The time has come for these girls to get their shots and move on to greener pastures and to see their favorite guy.  They are splitting them into groups  cows and calves and then there are the heifers that Hubby saved back for replacement animals, and the cows that have not had a calf but will sometime this year.  We end up with about four groups they will go to different pastures for the summer.

 We have fifty-eight calves on the ground  they will also get vaccinated.  We have Black-leg in our valley and it has been there for years.  We wouldn't  move them to pasture  with out that vaccination.  They are like our family they just live in a different place. 
 The smoke you see in the back ground in these pictures is the bales remains that we burn.  This will be a corn field  and it needs anhydrous and plowing  before we can plant.  We are getting behind since we had the large amount of water from the river came up the other day it  is now starting to recede. 

My younger sister from Vegas is coming in tonight and will be here for a week  so I maybe busy.
Take care and be kind to each other

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Color

 Between the nuthatches and the woodpeckers this is what is happening to my wild cherry.   It has berries in the summer and beautiful pink blossoms in the spring. Thought I would share my birds for today.  Hoping to go to a Fiber Show in Greencastle tomorrow  if we don't float away.  We have had a few good rains .I know we all want rain to get the crops started good but it needs  to dry up so we can plant the corn.  Last year I am sure we had planted a few acres.  Here to a good tomorrow and great weekend for all of you. Take care  and be nice to each other. 
Red headed woodpecker

American Goldfinch
 I thought he was cute putting his food on the feeder
White breasted nuthatch

white crown sparrow

Red bellied woodpecker  He also has his foot on the feeder

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flowers for Spring

 Just wanted to share some flowers that I keep over the winter.  This geranium was a hold over from last summer started blooming last week I went ahead and put them out because they can take some cool weather not below freezing.
 This pansy is from our local garden show where the Master Gardeners sell pots of pansy
My buttercup is a wildflower from the woods that has been coming back for 20 years every year.

Every fall I plant several daffodils bulbs and they come back year after year

 A beautiful magnolia tree 2 years ago a storm came through in the night and tore the top out of this tree our bedroom is in this corner of the house scary night. We were going to cut it off at the base because it was ugly but I didn't have the heart so it has come back on its own.
 I worked at the Daffodil Society booth at the horticulture bldg at the state fair and I was given these for working.   They are short about 8 inches have double flower and very pretty the single is below  Stop next year and gets some of their bulbs.

Pansy from the garden show

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bull Test

 These fellows got to go to visit another farm in Morgan county.  The visit was to get their annual bull soundness check-up I am sure that is something they would do with out.    Their owner wants this info for breeding the ladies this summer.    Always good to know where you stand
As you can see we do feed them something all winter and then they also have the hay as much as they want.

Barn report we are over 50 calves and we still have a few more to go.  It is so nice to see the calves play and they sit around together while Mom is out picking grass or eating from a bale.
This weather makes me want to make garden but it will come soon.  The guys are working in the field knifing in anhydrous..  Running the disk just so much need to be done you want to stay ahead of any weed growth.

Until we talk again have a great day and be careful. We have lost 3 great guys that were also farmers in the last month. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Garden show

 This booth was next to ours at the Garden Show.  I thought this is a great idea  Got some info and thought I would blog about it 

Use your kitchen scraps and wiggler worms to produce its own fertilizer.

 It can go any where!!

No weeds,  no backaches,  all ages

Extremely fast and easy way to grow fresh veggies, herbs,  flowers and more  Make a great strawberry pot

50 plants in 4 square feet

Go to www.GardenTowerProject.com
Read more about or contact them they would love to hear from you

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Flowers

Sure a sign of spring Magnolia

These are Daffodils that are 50 some years old  They grow in the fence line

I try and plant some Daffodil every year  some where in my yard


These are what I refer to as the wild ones they have a double flower