Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Color

 Between the nuthatches and the woodpeckers this is what is happening to my wild cherry.   It has berries in the summer and beautiful pink blossoms in the spring. Thought I would share my birds for today.  Hoping to go to a Fiber Show in Greencastle tomorrow  if we don't float away.  We have had a few good rains .I know we all want rain to get the crops started good but it needs  to dry up so we can plant the corn.  Last year I am sure we had planted a few acres.  Here to a good tomorrow and great weekend for all of you. Take care  and be nice to each other. 
Red headed woodpecker

American Goldfinch
 I thought he was cute putting his food on the feeder
White breasted nuthatch

white crown sparrow

Red bellied woodpecker  He also has his foot on the feeder

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  1. Awesome pictures of your birds! I got to watch it snow and sleet all day yesterday! Wooo! Keep warm, and don't float away!