Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bull Test

 These fellows got to go to visit another farm in Morgan county.  The visit was to get their annual bull soundness check-up I am sure that is something they would do with out.    Their owner wants this info for breeding the ladies this summer.    Always good to know where you stand
As you can see we do feed them something all winter and then they also have the hay as much as they want.

Barn report we are over 50 calves and we still have a few more to go.  It is so nice to see the calves play and they sit around together while Mom is out picking grass or eating from a bale.
This weather makes me want to make garden but it will come soon.  The guys are working in the field knifing in anhydrous..  Running the disk just so much need to be done you want to stay ahead of any weed growth.

Until we talk again have a great day and be careful. We have lost 3 great guys that were also farmers in the last month. 

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  1. I miss baby calves running around in the pasture. I now settle for little kittens pouncing on each other from every corner, bush, hidy-hole they can find. I think I'm back. Had to put my size 7-71/2 foot down on all the cray running around going on all winter. ENOUGH! I step down from one presidential role after next month's parent/teacher meeting, but I somehow find myself now president of Benton County Farm Bureau. It's not really a new addition to my schedule since I have been District 3 Sec/Treas for the last 8 1/2 years. I just won't have to type up notes or bring the checkbook to the meetings now! (Hope it's that easy of a swap!)

    Hugs to you for losing some, I imagine, very good friends this past month. It is always sad when there are empty chairs at a table or gathering place.

    Happy Spring ( I think it's spring anyway!?~!?!?!)