Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barn Report and more

 The time has come for these girls to get their shots and move on to greener pastures and to see their favorite guy.  They are splitting them into groups  cows and calves and then there are the heifers that Hubby saved back for replacement animals, and the cows that have not had a calf but will sometime this year.  We end up with about four groups they will go to different pastures for the summer.

 We have fifty-eight calves on the ground  they will also get vaccinated.  We have Black-leg in our valley and it has been there for years.  We wouldn't  move them to pasture  with out that vaccination.  They are like our family they just live in a different place. 
 The smoke you see in the back ground in these pictures is the bales remains that we burn.  This will be a corn field  and it needs anhydrous and plowing  before we can plant.  We are getting behind since we had the large amount of water from the river came up the other day it  is now starting to recede. 

My younger sister from Vegas is coming in tonight and will be here for a week  so I maybe busy.
Take care and be kind to each other

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