Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eagle Built

 I have been waiting for this day  to be able to view what many have told me about the sighting of the Eagles that live along White River.  A few years I was at Bradford Wood when the SCI REMC placed a platform for the Eagles at that location along the RR near White River to keep them off the power poles they will build on them regardless of the danger they want to be high above the ground.
 I think this tree is dead the others are getting their leaves and may cover the tree as we go into summer.
 This Eagle flew around and was gone for a while and they came back and stood watch.   He didn't have any food to share I will continue to watch and report back .He is above the nest 

This  nest that is on the ground  was spotted while mushroom hunting.  Need to go back and see who it belongs to.  . There were 5 egg very small nest maybe 2 to 3 inches across and made of grasses. Could be a nuthatch  saw one in the area

The Grosbeak is still here hanging out.  I also had some Hummingbird activity over the weekend will get some pictures soon.

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