Wednesday, May 8, 2013

News from the Farm

 This Robin looks  fine and she has some baby Robins.  But her nest went for a ride on the trailer back in April for a few hours.  At that time there weren't any eggs.  So when the trailer came back so did the bird. 
She is on top of the battery. not the best place.  I am sure like us many of you have them build a nest on a piece of equipment in the spring before you can go to the field.  Every year I would see  a nest that they had to remove.    We have tried to relocate but they never come back.
 The fragrance in my yard is intoxicating but the flowers are beautiful after the winter and spring we have had
Snowball bush not quite out

Here is sitting bull waiting to see the girls  look like he has a tooth pick hanging out of his mouth. We had another bull that would sit like that don't know why
 We have done almost everything but not planted one acre of corn or soybeans  I almost think the guys are over being on the edge they are chilling and doing what they can
We had a well  pump go out at the barn had to fix.   Cleaning up from the river made a deposit of trees and logs,  peoples trash from up river.  Bulldozing  sand deposits  from the river.   River water  can change your land overnight but you just do what needs to be done and go back every year and plant the crop

Tomorrow I get to attend a blogging meeting with the gals I started blogging with they are way ahead of me and are computer savy.  
Take care and be kind to each other

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  1. Shoot! I wish I had been able to be at the gathering! We ARE in the field, and as of last night, have two fields of beans to go + our custom work a county south.

    So sad to read you are not yet in the field planting. I know there are pockets all over the state that are still too wet :-( Don't like the forecast for the next few days either.....sigh

    Your bull picture made me laugh out loud. You should save that one for a funny farm pic contest.

    Hugs and Love!