Friday, January 28, 2011

Ann's Musings Animals Rights and Monsanto

Today I went to the The Livestock Forage and Grain Forum.   I went to the programs that were  on beef.
In my listening to a panel of Cattlemen on" Marketing Your Cattle" I hear a Cattleman by the name of Doug Smith
from Silver Towne Farms what a person to have meet.  This fellow loves his cows.  He told me some stories just made me want to cry.  How a person would go to those measure for cattle.  Well some people would say that but this man has passion for his job.  
He was in Calif. one time and ran into a woman they started talking about  the vote the state was going to take on animals rights  She told him she was voting for it.  He ask her why?  She said did you see the Downer  Cow with the fellow and the whip?    And the poultry film?  He said Yes.   He told her that all women should be put in Jail and she said Why? Did you see the story in Texas when the Mother drowned her children?
Well this is the way people see reality  After she heard his story  She will vote with him for his cause because it is the right way.
We need to keep telling out story in the most positive way we know how.  Just tell our story this is the way our farmers live. This is our life.

I want to congratulate all the folks in Indiana that received Grants from the Monsanto Company.
Thank you Monsanto for giving back to the farming community I know all the participants will use the money wisely. 
I think I have said enough but if I run into Doug again this story may be continued.  What a day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hunk of Meat Monday

Looks like dinner is ready just add the potatoes or a starch and your vegetables and we are ready to eat in the followings I will explain what I do to make cube steak with milk gravy 

 Leave the drippings in the pan and make a wonderful milk gravy  not cube steak without gravy.  I also want you to know I always use olive oil to fry anything.  I even use it in cookies and cakes have been happy with the results

 I start with a nice piece of round steak trim off excess fat   Score the meat with a knife then between  2 pieces of plastic wrap pound to make thinner like you would for making a pork tenderloin.

 Drench in flour and you can use your favorite seasoning 

 Enjoy your Monday and enjoy the food that is available to us that is grown or raised by our own Indiana Farmers. Thank You!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ann's Musings

Well I signed up for the Livestock, Forage & Grain Forum which will be held on Jan 28th. Jim and I  look forward to being there.  You always learn something when you attend these forums and we all could use some new information and ideas of how others are farming and raising animals.  Maybe I will see some of my blogging friends.
Cris Goode had several goode(no punt intended) articles  in the Winter 2011 publication Indiana  Soybean and Corn Review.   

Needless to say we are waiting for our next round of snow fall.  I hope all this snow  is replenishing some of the water  we will need this spring when we go to plant our crops.

We must remember God has the Master Plan and we need to talk to him to get the answers.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Regional Beef Meeting

Doesn't seem like it has been that long ago that I blogged but time has a way of passing too fast. Tonight I was at a Regional Beef Meeting hold every year to elect a director from our district to represent our area at the Indiana Beef Cattle Meetings which are held once a month at the office in Indianapolis. Pictured above is Dr Ron Lemenager who presented this evenings program on feeding livestock (Nutrition and Management Considerations Winter and Spring) The two gentlemen are beef members.

We served a Prime Rib dinner with all the trimmings Maybe some of our folks come for the food.
Saw some of our Farm Bureau folks that were in Atlanta, Ga. longer than expected. Glad they made it back in one piece. Must have been pretty bad. Was in Nashville Tenn one time when it snowed and everyone stayed put until it thawed it was afternoon before you could leave town.
The weather is different you don't know what to expect.

This is part of the fairgrounds and the Lion's Club have their meetings here every week

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year lots of projects

This cake is what is baking in my oven. I read on the Dairyman's wife blog last night but it was too last to bake. I had an hour or so I thought I would bake the cake. Check out her blog to get the recipe.

This Hooked rug is a workshop that we are offering on Jan the 15th If you are interested please contact me. We have over 12 ladies who will attend I am wanting to start a hooking group to work one day a week on our projects. Hope that happens.
These are memory boxes for the St Vincents Women's Hospital for their bereavement program
The group of Decorative Artist I belong to donate these to the hospital to give to women who have lost a baby. Very nice program.

I have my treadmill sent up and stated walking the 31 of Dec. Time goes faster if you can watch TV or read.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Timing is everything

Why is it that when you want to use one of the 4 wheel vehicles there is a flat spot on one side of the tire I have learned to use the air compressor for my car and other vehicles.
There they are for now in the shed As you can see they are behind the sprayer which we won't use until spring so I would say they can stay there until then.
One left to haul. I want you to know that the temperature was 60 degrees on the day I moved these trees. I didn't want to move them in the freezing temperature.
This is my helper He thinks this is his gator and that is his seat.
The gator is good for hauling alot of different things beside cattle chores and it does get a workout. I like to haul mulch and tree trimmings
This is where I started 3 trees and 2 reindeer. I enjoy having them every Christmas I have to put new lights on ever so often. But I think they are worth the time I put into the display From Thanksgiving night til I take them down this year was New Year Eve day

We are in this new year of 2011.
Take care as spring is around the corner, the days are longer and on sunny days the bird are starting to change color.