Monday, January 3, 2011

Timing is everything

Why is it that when you want to use one of the 4 wheel vehicles there is a flat spot on one side of the tire I have learned to use the air compressor for my car and other vehicles.
There they are for now in the shed As you can see they are behind the sprayer which we won't use until spring so I would say they can stay there until then.
One left to haul. I want you to know that the temperature was 60 degrees on the day I moved these trees. I didn't want to move them in the freezing temperature.
This is my helper He thinks this is his gator and that is his seat.
The gator is good for hauling alot of different things beside cattle chores and it does get a workout. I like to haul mulch and tree trimmings
This is where I started 3 trees and 2 reindeer. I enjoy having them every Christmas I have to put new lights on ever so often. But I think they are worth the time I put into the display From Thanksgiving night til I take them down this year was New Year Eve day

We are in this new year of 2011.
Take care as spring is around the corner, the days are longer and on sunny days the bird are starting to change color.


  1. You did pick the right day to start moving your Christmas lights and decorations! We took the girls to a Purdue game on New Year's Eve. It was a noon start, and I don't think I have walked to the stadium in such warm weather in a very long time. It was very roasty inside. Thank goodness I talked myself out of the sweatshirt I started to wear. Now tonight is a whole different story and climate. I'm freezing! Dang Indiana weather! ;-)

  2. We always have crazy weather. Never know what to wear.